Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ladies bestfriend..

Valentines day is just 14 days more to go and I have something in my mind already hehe. Well, first off hubby is asking me already what do I like for  a gift this coming Valentines day hmmm that is a good sign huh! When he asked me that my mind is like working overtime hahaha because I want to remember what I do really like to have. One thing that I noticed for myself is that I have only one watch. I like to have a new one but couldn't find a good one that I do really like. A friend of mine told me that she is going to sell some of her watches and if I like to see her collection we will arrange a day to meet. But I knew what kind of watch she got and it is not the kind of watch that I do really like, I like a two tone watch and at this time I like to get a watch that has diamonds on it ^_^. So I started to check and found this beautiful piece a seiko diamond watches gush when I looked at it I feel in love immediately ^_^Though I haven't told DH about what I discovered but I knew he will gonna give it to me.


I had a good time with my BIL's son and daughter with their kids in tow because we went to University of Kentucky where my BIL's grandson studied to. The air is still cold though it was below freezing but the breeze makes it cold. We walked from his dormitory to the school campus and just roamed around. Wow I am amazed by how huge is the place and their library makes my eyes popped out, it was huge!!! He showed us the old buildings that was built since 1886 ( i guess i forgot it) and while walking and talking he told his mom that he needs an eyeglasses because his is not compatible with his eyes anymore. The good thing is that her mom knew where to buy a cheap eyeglasses we were just kind of laughing about it because somebody just crack a joke about what if you don't have an eyeglasses with you and their campus is so big in area he might ended up to a wrong dormitory lol! I was thinking in changing  my eyeglasses too because mine makes me edgy it just didn't fit my head nor it looks pretty for the fact that it was expensive.The kind of eyeglasses that I so like is cheap at the same time modern looking. And that is what I do really need. I talked hubby about it and good thing he never said no to me hehe, well because I am some kind of a bratty wife so he told me to just order it right away. Now I am browsing which one I do really like since there are too many to choose from but I am for sure I would love a modern but cheap one.

Portable hard drive

Still in Lexington, Kentucky and I brought my laptop with me so I could still continue to chat with my family and cousins back in the Philippines. While enjoying our short vacation and meeting some of the relatives of my hubby I noticed that my laptop is not functioning well. I almost immediately that something is wrong but couldn't figure it out what. Good thing that my BIL's grandson is into computer as we call him computer geek he checked on it immediately. And he found out that I need to change my hard drive and purchase a 500gb portable hard drive I was kind of stunned at first and he continued to say that it is a portable though so it is not the kind of hard ^_^. 
Hubby was also having a problem of his own computer and they talked for awhile and he was destined that when we get home he is going to buy a 500gb portable hard drive. Now I am sure that when we get home tomorrow he will be busy with his computer and my laptop too. ^_^


When you go to an amusement rides do  you go for a wild rides? Well, I found out for myself that I can only take at least three rides and I am done. I have to go find the kiddie rides or what ever kind of ride that is very slow lol! I was looking for a good yellow and blue in my picture folder when I saw these pictures.
Click to enlarge
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Trophies for you!!

When I was in high school, I am so skinny not by being athletic but because I walked a lot from school to house and vice-versa. I love to play softball or badminton but in my school the student from the first section are the ones who has the oppurtunity to be picked first than the students who are in the next section. Anyhow, when I was in college I became involve in sports specially the soccer and I so love it. As a soccer player I had to wake up early and practice a lot. I was in my junior years when our batched got our first soccer trophies. Because when we were in senior year we also played volleyball and got our first Volleyball trophies . I remember we were so happy that time we just bonded for two years and when we all graduated and go our separate ways we were crying and we don't want to leave our school but that is what life is some chapters of our life has to be closed to move to another chapter.
Last two weeks ago, I went to see my step-grandson wrestling competition at his school. Gush it was kind of rough though, I don't know why school do allow it,  because for my personal opinion I don't like it though. Anyway, my step-grandson went pretty well in that sport. I guess because he is not that too tall just the right height for a good wrestler but then he also have a burly kind of body. His body type is a kind a wrestler could have. So after the competition he ended up second and got a very pretty wrestling trophies. His  mother was so happy for him and so was I. He worked for it for so long and he got it though not the first one but at least he ended up among the top three.

Frozen delight!

Friday, DH and I, my BIL and SIL were headed to Kentucky to attend a birthday party for my BIL's eldest daughter. Well the party was held in Lexington, Kentucky. On the road, while passing along I-75 I saw this very beautiful site...
I found this very lovely!
Scenic Sunday

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Car make over...

As of this writing I am here in Lexington, Kentucky. We arrived yesterday from Michigan and last night Kentucky were just bombarded with lots of snow. Whew, I thought snow just happened in Michigan but not now I do have an experienced here in Kentucky. Thankfully, this morning the snow stopped but the ground and parking lots were covered with snow pretty well. Anyway, everybody was too tired to get out to get an early breakfast so everyone just stayed inside the comfort of their room. 
The hotel offers a continental breakfast and while we were at the dining room people were talking about a lot of snow here in Kentucky. I guess to the people of Kentucky they are not used to it but for us Michigander we are used to it even on Fall we already have snow. Anyway, they were talking about plowing the driveways and interstate highways should be plowed and the county people should put salt immediately to avoid a lot of accidents. Well because men do love to talked about stuff like cars ,trucks, plowing and all , hubby and my BIL told the man  that we are used to this kind of weather and that our cars and trucks performance chip should be check regularly. Air intake  and cat back exhaust must be checked before Fall and Winter comes. I am a witnessed to how my DH regularly checked my car and his truck we even have two sets of tires but since there are already tires that go with any season and weather that's the tire that he put in my car and his truck. Getting a lot of snow is not fun specially if a person had to go out for work, he or she might have a problem if people don't take care of their mobiles. Thankfully I have a good husband who take care my car and his truck.

My cousin

I love to talked about my cousins who lived and worked in UK. Well, for a reason because they are my cousins and because they are doing good with their career as nurses. As I have shared it here my other cousin who is a year younger than me is going to get married this year and she is now busy juggling from her work and also from preparing for her wedding. In the first place I don't have that experienced because when I marry my DH we only went to a court and get married in front of a judge hehe. That was the simplest and easiest way of getting married I guess hehe.
Anyways, since my cousin has been planning this time to come she wanted to get involve in everything. I haven't asked her if she hires a wedding planner but I guess not because she is scrambling to find a very nice wedding invitations  so I told her to why not go online and look upon all those websites that offers great job and at the same time it doesn't cost much ^_^. Well, I guess she followed my instructions she leave a message this morning that she found a site and she looked at it and ordered it immediately.  Now she is at peace that her wedding invitations does looks very pretty and it cost less, how cool is that. I am very happy for her, knowing that we are very far from our family we need to support each other in terms like this. One wish that I would love to happen is to come to UK and be  there on the happiest day of her life.


This is my entry that I think people shun to discuss but if it has something to be discuss everyone is cautious not to get emotional because always and every time it will result to a heated argument. Well, my DH's family is huge and when there is a gathering specially at birthdays or thanksgiving day or Christmas the elder women will remind everybody from not discussing politics or religion hehehe. Because basing from their experienced those two topics can sometimes or oftentimes create quarrels among brothers or sisters or relatives so we are reprimanded not to discuss with any of those issues.
In the Philippines, the country that I grew up the same thing happened too. When in a group and someone started a political or religion issues always all the time it ended up to a heated argument. And to make it worse some people kill somebody because of the heated argument over a political discussion.  Well here in US as far as I knew I haven't heard anybody arguing over politics that resulted somebody to die which is really a worse case scenario. Maybe because we could find forums over the internet that offers or moderate political discussion  which for me is good. So if any of you who likes political discussion come and join us here. It is fun!

Our navy seals

If you are citizen of any nation what you've got to apprehend bad guys. Or what group of people that keep the peace and order in your place in order? Well of course they are the police or army. In other words they are the military people without them I guess the bad guys will do anything they can do to make chaos and make out life miserable.
Well, my brother is a cop for 13 years and I could feel he loves what he is doing at the same time I guess it is his calling. You see with this kind of job, you can't just say a "job" because it entails a lot of hardships, determination, challenges, and focus. I could say that my brother is a good cop. He never falters in his commitment to the people and he even have more time doing his job than to his family ^_^. Now as he is in his 13 years I could tell that his job entails a lot of pressure that is why when he is at home his wife provided him with such care. 
Then I heard that three of our very own navy seals were incarcerated. I was so shocked! A thought came to my mind when I heard it over the news. Why do we have to protect those terrorist and not the people who keep us safe all the time. And so, I was thinking for whatever it takes I would support their cause by buying many stuff that I could  and  found this US Navy SEALs Store . As I check it now I do love what I saw so come on guys let us support them!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

RoundRobinPhotoChallenge: Water/Niagara Falls

My first time to join Round robin photo challenge and thankfully the challenge for this week is about water. Two years ago hubby and I visited Niagara Falls, Canada. Stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days but I tell you, you can't finished all the great place they do have there. Here I took the picture up from the Skytower where we had a sumptuous buffet dinner. Here is the might Niagara Falls from above. Click to enlarge.
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What is the most memorable kind of play when you were growing up? For me the most memorable play that I played when I was young is the playing house. When I remember those times I couldn't help but have a smile on my face. Growing up me and my two siblings don't have a lot of toys I tell you I don't remember I have a doll then. But I saw while browsing our old photos that I was carrying one hehe. Well that doll is not like what dolls girls now play. Mine does have a dress but it is not as pretty as I like it to be. Aside from  that we don't have lots of toys, we only play, playhouse at the back of our stairs. We just imagine things and invented anything like if we need a roof then we will get our blanket and tie it up voila it's our roof! So those times we grind our tiny brain to make things work and we are happy doing it.
This morning I had a chance to chat my two nieces. My older niece is going to celebrate her birthday two weeks from now. And you know what she is asking me a new dollhouse miniatures because the last time I visited Philippines I brought them a dollhouse and they really love it.The best thing is that my brother build a bigger dollhouse painted it and now it needs dollhouse miniatures like, furnitures,accessories, curtains, and other stuff that it would be like you are inside a  real house. Of course, since I love them I told them I am going to buy dollhouse miniatures  and I am going to send it to the Philippines as soon as possible. And they added to tell me to buy them again a new doll, whew that is what you get if you have two nieces all dolls and more dolls!

Green Police

I have a question for everybody who will read this, what is the color of a police uniform? Times out! My brother is a cop and his uniform is dark blue and he wore that all the time. Now what if I am going to tell you that there is such a  thing as  Green Police how cool is that huh?? Actually it is my first time to hear a Green Police 
and I wonder what is their job and why green? I have so many questions in mind that I started to look at the internet about what is a Green Police .
Well I found out that there will be a Glastonbury Festival 2010 and they are accepting for a Green Police application  now I find it very fascinating to be with this very amazing, unique and with a cause festival. I will try to look at the application because the cause is what I believe in. You see I love to do something with the environment and when I read the  work of a green police my curiosity perk up and my inner self of helping the environment just kick in.
I love to do anything specially about keeping the air clean, recycling, planting trees and  with that little act I already feel I succeeded in life.  So with this Glastonbury Festival 2010 I bet this is a lot of fun, aside from the work but also I could meet friends from all over the world. And have the opportunity to listen different music from other countries and most of all I could be with people who love our Mother Earth.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SkywatchFriday: Full Moon

It's full moon tonight right? Though it was bitterly cold outside I manage to get a picture of the magnificent moon.

It looks there are two moon in this photo but it's not. I was behind a window in this and when I took the shot it with a flash it reflects.

The same time but different angle and different tone from the camera.

The same angle as the first and still behind a glass window.

This was taken at the porch even if it is very cold I got a good shot I guess lol!
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Get paid to try...

In this time where money is scarce and job is very hard to find. It would be nice if we can also earn money by doing it online and just doing it at the comfort of your home. For months now I've been into paid surveys but they mailed the questionnaires and what I can get with that is free stuff or a chance to win a sweepstakes. Unfortunately I haven't win yet but sometimes I received stuff from the advertisers.
Now I found out that I could take surveys online wohoo!! And make money out of it how cool is that!! This idea makes me very excited specially that I am a stay at home wife and the weather outside is not delightful I love doing any kind of job as long as I am in the comfort of my home. And this opportunity came to me just in the neck of time when I already felt bored and having a cabin fever already. So I look at the site joined in and I found it really very interesting. To complete surveys is not hard, you only say something when you know the brand or stuff that you used before and now. A very observant eyes is also needed., to know around while shopping, to know what you buy almost all the time and what is rare is just a common knowledge that if we don't take time to see it we don't care. And the most important thing is you get paid by doing it. So why not get paid to try.

Weight Loss

Some women look at their weighing scale everyday. Not me, I only weight myself at least twice a month. And I do record each month if I gain, loss or just stuck on my weight for years now. Yesterday, I weight myself on the weighing scale and just as usual I am stuck to my weight for how many months now. I did try to balance my diet and watch I ate but still I can't just easily shake off this excess weight of mine. Hubby gave a Wii console for me last Christmas so I could exercise at home aside from having a tread mill, but I still have the same dilemma for months can't easily let my weight down that fast. I have a weight that I like to achieve that is according to my age and height. Of course I also don't like to shrink myself so fast it would make my skin looks like a prune hehehe!
Anyway, yesterday a thought came to my mind and I was thinking of what kind of food I am eating specially it's winter. I could really vouch myself that I ate a lot of carbohydrates but it is winter I don't have much physical activity to do except playing the Wii and a very rare moment on the tread mill. So I thought of changing my way of eating. And so that's when I discover meal replacement bars I looked at it on the internet and voila this is one thing that I should eat. How come it takes me sometime to figure this out is beyond me. Now I am excited to see what will be the result and for sure I am going to write it here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curb appeal

You wonder what makes your property has a curb appeal to onlookers? Of course, the first thing that come to our mind is, a very well manicured grass, and  shrubs, trees and flowers are in there proper places. A fountain maybe? But that is an extra expense though ^_^.
I've been to many friends, relatives houses and even just passing by a house one thing that I immediately notice is of course the address signs. I don't know if it is just me or what but address sign on any house makes me drawn to that house lol! For me it is one of a reason for a very amazing curb appeal specially if the owner of the property really takes time to find the right address plaque.

I've been nagging hubby for this past few months now that we are going to buy an address plaque. And also change our address sign because ours is only a plastic paper attached to the mail box I don't like it in the first place. So many times deliveries can't find our home address because it is not very visible to the passers by. For the fact that we don't have address plaque they had a hard time finding our house. Today, my DH decided to browse the website to look for a nice address plaque and address sign, I am smiling like from ear to ear now I do hope that we will change ours before spring time came. So excited!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

B is for Bean

Five years ago hubby and I went to Chicago to change the name in my passport. The building where the office was located was just right across the Mellinium park. After we gave the necessary papers we have to wait for another few hours and so we decided to ate somewhere and strolled the park. That is when I discovered this so called the Bean. As I look at it closely I am so amazed by how they made it here are the pictures.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A logo..

What is a logo and what makes you decide to get a logo? If you are in a business or an organization I think it is just appropriate to get a logo of your own. And why is that so, so people will notice right away your business. My DH's family is huge and they are scattered to 50 states of USA. The first time I arrived here I noticed in his writing paper it has a logo on top so I asked him about it and I was not wrong about what I thought the logo stands their family name which for me is unique and intricately made.
A friend of mine the other day gave us a calling card of their business and I was just amazed how the designed  of there logo was made. And I told her that it is nicely designed people would  definitely or automatically recognize and remember their business because of the logo.
She was happy about what I told her. With what is going on with our economy we have to be competitive and having a very well made  logo can make a difference.

You need it..

This morning hubby put up our ceiling fan (at last). And while doing it on his own it  was kind of hard for him since he has to climb up and crawl the ceiling to wire and then come back down to fix the wiring. But thankfully he was able to finished the job. Back in the Philippines it is also kind of hard to find a good carpenter or any body to fix what ever you want to fix your house. Thankfully over there you pay by the day and not per hour unlike here in US it has to be per hour or by contract and talking about contacting a Builders it cost a lot of money.
Remember my two cousins in UK who worked there as a nurse one of them just bought a new house a little bit far from the city where she and my other cousin live. She told me she couldn't find a cheap house or apartment inside the city so her and her fiance decided to get a property a bit far from the city. They just have to commute by train or bus and by doing that they have to adjust for awhile. Now, they found a good place she was attracted to it from the first sight ^_^. Aside from the love at first sight the property is not that far from the train. The house from the outside it looks very stunning and inside my cousin told me she decided to change some of the layout and she decided to hire Builders who could do a great job.Her fiance told her that what ever is her plan he will just support her, good fiance ^_^.


So it's another round of Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday my favorite colors. I took this picture last week at school and  saw this recycled box wrap in blue  and yellow. They are in great colors people who walked by won't missed it. It is writtein in the box the word battery, I am a bit guilty of this because I just throw my dead batteries in an ordinary garbage.  But now I changed, just last week we bought rechargeable batteries and charger too at least for a little bit I help the environment.

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I've been thinking lately why it is very hard to lose weight and it is very easy to gain weight? After the holiday season when everybody is having festivities everywhere and eating is part of that festivities I as a woman could tell on the weighting scale that I gain weight. To top it all it is so hard to lose it. Friends that I know of enrolled in gym and enjoys the privilege of a swim spa  told me they easily lose some weight. I have a tread mill here in our house but it seems that all those hard work still it's so hard to shake off those extra weight. I am thinking there must be something a form of exercise that everybody could enjoy and at the same time you lose weight.
Last December 24, 2009 my DH cousin who is been suffering from a Parkinson's disease celebrated his 77th birthday and for 2 decades he has that disease. His wife who took care of  him shared a lot of her experiences with her husband having that disease. She told us that after they knew that there is such a thing about water treadmill and that could possibly help her husband they immediately looked around and search about it. She and her children found out that an aquatic therapy equipment could help their father and that it could be installed easily at home too. After they got the equipment installed and her husband started to do his exercise she observed that he has some improvement from his movements. He doesn't easily got weak or feel down which we could tell when we saw him on his birthday that indeed he improved a lot.
The good news too is that his wife invited me to go with her in doing an exercise in their indoor pool how cool is that. And for a fact that I knew it is easy for a person to lose weight if he or she perform the exercise in a pool I told her I am very happy to be in their house any time she calls me.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Internet service

In this time and age what can you do without internet services?  For me I can live without tv or listening to music as long as I have an internet service. And this coming spring which is just a couple of months from now hubby and I will be spending time up north. That is because my step-daughter and her husband had a cabin there. They always invite us to visit them and spend the weekends fishing or kayaking. Last week, we are discussing about this soon to be vacation and I asked my hubby if they have an internet services up north. Because I am going to bring my laptop even if we are far from the civilization. ^_^
Thankfully in there area they have cheap dial up and dsl service up north and knowing this I was very happy. Hubby asked me if I would be still in front of my laptop even if it is  vacation time and I said of course, so I can upload immediately my pictures and my blogging should always be updated hehe. There is no way that I would not be updated through the internet even if we are on vacation I like to know what is going on with the world and I still do like to communicate my friends and  family in the Philippines too.

Pickard properties

My cousin is working as a nurse in London for almost 5 years now. My other cousin who is also a nurse is coming to stay with her this coming April. I am so happy that both of my cousins are in UK and they are doing really great there. Their job as a nurse really makes them have a lot of money hehe. Early this morning I saw my cousin online in yahoo messenger and we chatted for awhile. She told me that she is going to get married soon wohooo!! I am so excited of her. But their is one concern that is lurking to both of them because my other cousin don't want to live with her when her and her husband will be back from their honeymoon, of course! So I told her to tell my other cousin to find a good place for her not too far from her so they could still hang out together in their free time. She told me that they are already starting to looked around for properties that she would love to live and also not too far from her place. They found Student Lettings in Leeds very appropriate for her, though she is already professional but she found the place easy to live by.

Camera Critters: Buffalo

Camera Critters
Camera Critters once again and here is my critter for this week, a buffalo. We were at Niagara Falls, Canada two years ago and in Ripley's Believe it or not I found this buffalo. Though it is no alive but look at this buffalo it has two other legs on his back. That makes this buffalo landed in Ripley's believe it or not place.

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...