This is my entry that I think people shun to discuss but if it has something to be discuss everyone is cautious not to get emotional because always and every time it will result to a heated argument. Well, my DH's family is huge and when there is a gathering specially at birthdays or thanksgiving day or Christmas the elder women will remind everybody from not discussing politics or religion hehehe. Because basing from their experienced those two topics can sometimes or oftentimes create quarrels among brothers or sisters or relatives so we are reprimanded not to discuss with any of those issues.
In the Philippines, the country that I grew up the same thing happened too. When in a group and someone started a political or religion issues always all the time it ended up to a heated argument. And to make it worse some people kill somebody because of the heated argument over a political discussion.  Well here in US as far as I knew I haven't heard anybody arguing over politics that resulted somebody to die which is really a worse case scenario. Maybe because we could find forums over the internet that offers or moderate political discussion  which for me is good. So if any of you who likes political discussion come and join us here. It is fun!


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