Internet service

In this time and age what can you do without internet services?  For me I can live without tv or listening to music as long as I have an internet service. And this coming spring which is just a couple of months from now hubby and I will be spending time up north. That is because my step-daughter and her husband had a cabin there. They always invite us to visit them and spend the weekends fishing or kayaking. Last week, we are discussing about this soon to be vacation and I asked my hubby if they have an internet services up north. Because I am going to bring my laptop even if we are far from the civilization. ^_^
Thankfully in there area they have cheap dial up and dsl service up north and knowing this I was very happy. Hubby asked me if I would be still in front of my laptop even if it is  vacation time and I said of course, so I can upload immediately my pictures and my blogging should always be updated hehe. There is no way that I would not be updated through the internet even if we are on vacation I like to know what is going on with the world and I still do like to communicate my friends and  family in the Philippines too.


Anonymous said…
Hello Manang Kin,
It just happen while browsing I encountered your blog. Manang sounds too familiar as I am a filipina too, living in Stockholm, Sweden for almost half of my life.

Daan lang po? Happy SS

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