MellowYellowMonday & Blue Monday: Tricycle or Trisikad


The last time I went to the Philippines I was able to take a picture of one of our public transportation there. These is the cheapest transportation  you could find in our place and they will take you where ever you want to go...and I called it door to door delivery because they will take you right at the door where you want. For me this kind of transportation is also the most hard to do because it doesn't take a gasoline to run the tricycle instead the driver use his/her two legs to run it.

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SmilingSally said…
Interesting. Happy Blue Monday!
Manang Kim said…
Happy Blue monday too smiling sally!
Lindy MacDuff said…
So colorful and bright!

Thanks for visiting my Mellow Yellow Monday post.

Happy Monday! =)
Gattina said…
Would be a nice mean of transport for me, but not as a driver, lol!
Very nice pictures !
Marice said…
wow ang colorful naman ng sidecar na yan :)

u may view mine here
Spiderdama said…
Very colorful and nice cycle;-)
Have a nice day!
Annie said…
What a colorful and fun way to get around. I'd like to try that sometime. I'm guessing that the transporter have VERY strong legs.
Diane AZ said…
It looks like a great way to get around! I would like to see some of those around my city sometime. :)
Jazzbumpa said…
That is a mellow ride.

Wouldn't work well here in Michigan.

scribbler said…
Cool! Such a colorful trisikad. I think I need of those to get to work. :-P

Check out my yummy MYM
chubskulit said…
Usong uso yan sa Bicol ate hehehe.

Have a glimpse of a Japanese Yukata outfit at my page. Happy New Year!
Great photo, I have never seen anything like it here!
Joops said…
I have ridden in one of those at Rose's place hehehe. I felt so bad with the one pedaling it because I am so heavy.

Have you seen an 80's style of hair?, come and see.
Eden said…
Nice shot. I miss to ride that one. My kids at first didnt want to ride but when I finally convinced them to try, they didn't want to get off..
Dimple said…
Thanks, I learned something. Great colors! Thanks also for the visit!
nuts said…
that's everywhere here in the city though this one is so colorful..
LV said…
What a neat method of transportation. I would love to ride in one.
claudie said…
Do you really go to Timmy's? LOVE IT. Yes your in Michigan...
That little boy looks very young to be peddling don't you think or is it just me?
Very colourful.
Thanks for the : ) compliment. I like my P.J.'s lol
Happy Blue Monday Kim
Love Claudie
Shy said…
Your entry Khim reminds me of our simple like back home. combi mn sa yellow and blue.
The Horizon said…
wow naman, so cute ng trisikad na yan ah, thanks for sharing Kim. I like it.
Happy new year and a joyous one! Blessings...
Marites said…
I like the kaleidoscope of colors! :) Have a nice MYM! Happy Holidays!
kat said…
HAHAHA nice shots Kim..i like your colored trisikads..haha

thanks for the comment anyway.

Happy New Year
Yes trisikad is common sa atin, kahit saan...
thanks for the visit and the comment Kim. A blessed new year.
hip chick said…
I see them over here sometimes as well. Of course it's only in the summer time. I took one last fall I think they called it a pedacab.
I came over from another blog... This brings back great memories! The last time I rode on one was when my dad was stationed at Clark AFB between 1976-1978. Thanks for sharing :o)

Yay! I finally have a few free days off to read some great blog posts!)

Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)
Maligayang Pasko! :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
Charlotte said…
How interesting. So bright and colorful too.
mousey said…
great shot!

happy 2010!
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