My cousin

I love to talked about my cousins who lived and worked in UK. Well, for a reason because they are my cousins and because they are doing good with their career as nurses. As I have shared it here my other cousin who is a year younger than me is going to get married this year and she is now busy juggling from her work and also from preparing for her wedding. In the first place I don't have that experienced because when I marry my DH we only went to a court and get married in front of a judge hehe. That was the simplest and easiest way of getting married I guess hehe.
Anyways, since my cousin has been planning this time to come she wanted to get involve in everything. I haven't asked her if she hires a wedding planner but I guess not because she is scrambling to find a very nice wedding invitations  so I told her to why not go online and look upon all those websites that offers great job and at the same time it doesn't cost much ^_^. Well, I guess she followed my instructions she leave a message this morning that she found a site and she looked at it and ordered it immediately.  Now she is at peace that her wedding invitations does looks very pretty and it cost less, how cool is that. I am very happy for her, knowing that we are very far from our family we need to support each other in terms like this. One wish that I would love to happen is to come to UK and be  there on the happiest day of her life.


Baba said…
Hi Kim, Thanks for your visit to my place today..I am a retired baby nurse after 46 years being in my profession. your cousins have picked a good field to work in for a lifetime.. nurses are always needed to help others..thank them for me..
hugs, Baba
chubskulit said…
Hi ate goodluck sa cousin mo!

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