I've been thinking lately why it is very hard to lose weight and it is very easy to gain weight? After the holiday season when everybody is having festivities everywhere and eating is part of that festivities I as a woman could tell on the weighting scale that I gain weight. To top it all it is so hard to lose it. Friends that I know of enrolled in gym and enjoys the privilege of a swim spa  told me they easily lose some weight. I have a tread mill here in our house but it seems that all those hard work still it's so hard to shake off those extra weight. I am thinking there must be something a form of exercise that everybody could enjoy and at the same time you lose weight.
Last December 24, 2009 my DH cousin who is been suffering from a Parkinson's disease celebrated his 77th birthday and for 2 decades he has that disease. His wife who took care of  him shared a lot of her experiences with her husband having that disease. She told us that after they knew that there is such a thing about water treadmill and that could possibly help her husband they immediately looked around and search about it. She and her children found out that an aquatic therapy equipment could help their father and that it could be installed easily at home too. After they got the equipment installed and her husband started to do his exercise she observed that he has some improvement from his movements. He doesn't easily got weak or feel down which we could tell when we saw him on his birthday that indeed he improved a lot.
The good news too is that his wife invited me to go with her in doing an exercise in their indoor pool how cool is that. And for a fact that I knew it is easy for a person to lose weight if he or she perform the exercise in a pool I told her I am very happy to be in their house any time she calls me.


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