What is the most memorable kind of play when you were growing up? For me the most memorable play that I played when I was young is the playing house. When I remember those times I couldn't help but have a smile on my face. Growing up me and my two siblings don't have a lot of toys I tell you I don't remember I have a doll then. But I saw while browsing our old photos that I was carrying one hehe. Well that doll is not like what dolls girls now play. Mine does have a dress but it is not as pretty as I like it to be. Aside from  that we don't have lots of toys, we only play, playhouse at the back of our stairs. We just imagine things and invented anything like if we need a roof then we will get our blanket and tie it up voila it's our roof! So those times we grind our tiny brain to make things work and we are happy doing it.
This morning I had a chance to chat my two nieces. My older niece is going to celebrate her birthday two weeks from now. And you know what she is asking me a new dollhouse miniatures because the last time I visited Philippines I brought them a dollhouse and they really love it.The best thing is that my brother build a bigger dollhouse painted it and now it needs dollhouse miniatures like, furnitures,accessories, curtains, and other stuff that it would be like you are inside a  real house. Of course, since I love them I told them I am going to buy dollhouse miniatures  and I am going to send it to the Philippines as soon as possible. And they added to tell me to buy them again a new doll, whew that is what you get if you have two nieces all dolls and more dolls!


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