A logo..

What is a logo and what makes you decide to get a logo? If you are in a business or an organization I think it is just appropriate to get a logo of your own. And why is that so, so people will notice right away your business. My DH's family is huge and they are scattered to 50 states of USA. The first time I arrived here I noticed in his writing paper it has a logo on top so I asked him about it and I was not wrong about what I thought the logo stands their family name which for me is unique and intricately made.
A friend of mine the other day gave us a calling card of their business and I was just amazed how the designed  of there logo was made. And I told her that it is nicely designed people would  definitely or automatically recognize and remember their business because of the logo.
She was happy about what I told her. With what is going on with our economy we have to be competitive and having a very well made  logo can make a difference.


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