Portable hard drive

Still in Lexington, Kentucky and I brought my laptop with me so I could still continue to chat with my family and cousins back in the Philippines. While enjoying our short vacation and meeting some of the relatives of my hubby I noticed that my laptop is not functioning well. I almost immediately that something is wrong but couldn't figure it out what. Good thing that my BIL's grandson is into computer as we call him computer geek he checked on it immediately. And he found out that I need to change my hard drive and purchase a 500gb portable hard drive I was kind of stunned at first and he continued to say that it is a portable though so it is not the kind of hard ^_^. 
Hubby was also having a problem of his own computer and they talked for awhile and he was destined that when we get home he is going to buy a 500gb portable hard drive. Now I am sure that when we get home tomorrow he will be busy with his computer and my laptop too. ^_^


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