Our navy seals

If you are citizen of any nation what you've got to apprehend bad guys. Or what group of people that keep the peace and order in your place in order? Well of course they are the police or army. In other words they are the military people without them I guess the bad guys will do anything they can do to make chaos and make out life miserable.
Well, my brother is a cop for 13 years and I could feel he loves what he is doing at the same time I guess it is his calling. You see with this kind of job, you can't just say a "job" because it entails a lot of hardships, determination, challenges, and focus. I could say that my brother is a good cop. He never falters in his commitment to the people and he even have more time doing his job than to his family ^_^. Now as he is in his 13 years I could tell that his job entails a lot of pressure that is why when he is at home his wife provided him with such care. 
Then I heard that three of our very own navy seals were incarcerated. I was so shocked! A thought came to my mind when I heard it over the news. Why do we have to protect those terrorist and not the people who keep us safe all the time. And so, I was thinking for whatever it takes I would support their cause by buying many stuff that I could  and  found this US Navy SEALs Store . As I check it now I do love what I saw so come on guys let us support them!!


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