B is for Bean

Five years ago hubby and I went to Chicago to change the name in my passport. The building where the office was located was just right across the Mellinium park. After we gave the necessary papers we have to wait for another few hours and so we decided to ate somewhere and strolled the park. That is when I discovered this so called the Bean. As I look at it closely I am so amazed by how they made it here are the pictures.

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It is an amazing structure, thanks for sharing.
Sylvia K said…
Amazing! Never seen that one before -- of course there are a lot of things I haven't seen, but what terrific shot! Fun! Hope your week is going well!

Willa said…
Nice one!
I've been to Chicago but never had a chance to see that.
January said…
that's a pretty big bean! thanks for sharing..

B is for Black Forest
Jama said…
Amazing structure!
Kero said…
that is one magnificent structure!

my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/01/beauty-and-beast.html
Anonymous said…
One of my favourite pieces of public art - I love the way it reflects the world around it. Thanks for sharing. :)
I was in Chicago for the very first time a couple years ago, saw the Bean, I believe, but only at a distance. Will need to check it out again.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you! – Ramblin’ with Roger
dutchbaby said…
Very cool structure. I haven't been to Chicago in ages. This would be one good reason to go.
Prats said…
that was a fun pic :) n a fun post !!
kml said…
Wow - the reflection is just beautiful! I wonder what the artist was thinking when they designed a bean! It works though!
Jay said…
That's very beautiful! I don't know what it is, but I kind of like it. :)

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