When you go to an amusement rides do  you go for a wild rides? Well, I found out for myself that I can only take at least three rides and I am done. I have to go find the kiddie rides or what ever kind of ride that is very slow lol! I was looking for a good yellow and blue in my picture folder when I saw these pictures.
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For more Mellow Yellow Monday photos click it HERE
And more Blue Monday  HERE


anne said…
Mj and I love rides, but with this ride I think Im gonna puke wahhh thanks for the visit manang kim
Willa said…
I can only go for a kiddie rides! :D
January said…
I wan't to try it too... that looks fun!

Mr. Ant
January said…
ooops! error po ang link..

Mr. Ant
Chie Wilks said…
i am not a big fan to the rides we can find at the amusement parks.. those can of rides scare me

great MYM shots!

Mine's here.
Taking a wild ride
will make your heart do flip-flops—
ah, how frightening!
Joops said…
It's a fun ride, I don't know if Rose will try that hehehe.

Our Mini Date
Irene said…
I don't do rides. I feel nauseous, but great shot.
sunnymama said…
I'm like you and prefer the kiddie rides! Great mellow yellow shots. :)
Great looking bright yellow ride! Very appealing for those who like dramatic thrills!

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