Weight Loss

Some women look at their weighing scale everyday. Not me, I only weight myself at least twice a month. And I do record each month if I gain, loss or just stuck on my weight for years now. Yesterday, I weight myself on the weighing scale and just as usual I am stuck to my weight for how many months now. I did try to balance my diet and watch I ate but still I can't just easily shake off this excess weight of mine. Hubby gave a Wii console for me last Christmas so I could exercise at home aside from having a tread mill, but I still have the same dilemma for months can't easily let my weight down that fast. I have a weight that I like to achieve that is according to my age and height. Of course I also don't like to shrink myself so fast it would make my skin looks like a prune hehehe!
Anyway, yesterday a thought came to my mind and I was thinking of what kind of food I am eating specially it's winter. I could really vouch myself that I ate a lot of carbohydrates but it is winter I don't have much physical activity to do except playing the Wii and a very rare moment on the tread mill. So I thought of changing my way of eating. And so that's when I discover meal replacement bars I looked at it on the internet and voila this is one thing that I should eat. How come it takes me sometime to figure this out is beyond me. Now I am excited to see what will be the result and for sure I am going to write it here.


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