Car make over...

As of this writing I am here in Lexington, Kentucky. We arrived yesterday from Michigan and last night Kentucky were just bombarded with lots of snow. Whew, I thought snow just happened in Michigan but not now I do have an experienced here in Kentucky. Thankfully, this morning the snow stopped but the ground and parking lots were covered with snow pretty well. Anyway, everybody was too tired to get out to get an early breakfast so everyone just stayed inside the comfort of their room. 
The hotel offers a continental breakfast and while we were at the dining room people were talking about a lot of snow here in Kentucky. I guess to the people of Kentucky they are not used to it but for us Michigander we are used to it even on Fall we already have snow. Anyway, they were talking about plowing the driveways and interstate highways should be plowed and the county people should put salt immediately to avoid a lot of accidents. Well because men do love to talked about stuff like cars ,trucks, plowing and all , hubby and my BIL told the man  that we are used to this kind of weather and that our cars and trucks performance chip should be check regularly. Air intake  and cat back exhaust must be checked before Fall and Winter comes. I am a witnessed to how my DH regularly checked my car and his truck we even have two sets of tires but since there are already tires that go with any season and weather that's the tire that he put in my car and his truck. Getting a lot of snow is not fun specially if a person had to go out for work, he or she might have a problem if people don't take care of their mobiles. Thankfully I have a good husband who take care my car and his truck.


Jackson Leavitt said…
It is important to get your car checked regularly. You never know when you will be in a bad situation in your car. I try get my car checked often so that I am always prepared.

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