Monday, January 25, 2010


So it's another round of Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday my favorite colors. I took this picture last week at school and  saw this recycled box wrap in blue  and yellow. They are in great colors people who walked by won't missed it. It is writtein in the box the word battery, I am a bit guilty of this because I just throw my dead batteries in an ordinary garbage.  But now I changed, just last week we bought rechargeable batteries and charger too at least for a little bit I help the environment.

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SmilingSally said...

This is a good spot to have used batteries dropped off. Happy Blue Monday, Kim!

gengen said...

Oh that is a good idea can i drop off mine? Hhehe happy blue Monday.

life's journey said...

Nice entry for mellow yellow Monday. Thanks for sharing. Mine is up.

LV said...

Whatever it takes, we tend to find blues if you look hard enough. At least yours made for a great showing today.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Recycling is always good for us and the environment. Thanks for the comment tKim at my Blue Sky post.

Marice said...

cool! great idea and it will surely help mother nature!

thanks for the visit :)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

We recycle here also. Our bins are blue and they take them curbside. You have given me an idea for next weeks blue Monday.

EJ said...

Recycling is good, Rose is very good at that.

Melting Icicles is my entry for Blue Monday!

Pie said...

That's a brilliant idea!

My Blue Monday.

ruby said...

nice entry! my MYM is here :
Surviving Deployment
A new beginning

Tania said...

Good to now where thing is!:-)

Ps: In my shot I think the boat is wrong parking..

Have a great week!

Stephanie V said...

Good idea. Thanks for the reminder to recycle those batteries.

Carly said...

I'll admit that I just threw away batteries this weekend :-( I guess I'll have to look for a battery recycling center near where I live.

nice A said...

I support any environmental campaign like this. It's a great idea. Thanks for sharing, sis:)

anne said...

mother nature will surely be happy... hehehe mine is here

Dinah said...

this is a very great endeavor!

here is my mellow yellow Monday entry

Tina said...

Very nice entry to MYM. We have the same passion.. promote recycling!

Visit my MYM here

marites1034 said... colorful and eyecatching:) nice captures! My MYM is up too.

Rechie said...

good use of batteries by recycling...

awesome MYM shots

Mine's here

Kerslyn said...

great way to save Mother Earth. :-)

My MYM entry is up too.

Carolyn Ford said...

Good idea! Disposable batteries are OUT and rechargeable IN! And, hey...those boxes are perfect for this post!

Scribbler said...

Brava for helping the environment. Disposable batteries should really be less cheaper in the long run and hope more people will resort to renewable energy. Great MYM!

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