RoundRobinPhotoChallenge: Water/Niagara Falls

My first time to join Round robin photo challenge and thankfully the challenge for this week is about water. Two years ago hubby and I visited Niagara Falls, Canada. Stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days but I tell you, you can't finished all the great place they do have there. Here I took the picture up from the Skytower where we had a sumptuous buffet dinner. Here is the might Niagara Falls from above. Click to enlarge.
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Sherrie said…
Awesome shot! Would love to see the falls. Maybe someday. Have a great day!

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Linda said…
Beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Niagra!!
I've been to Niagara Falls many times ... it's a gorgeous place!

I played too :)
Carolyn Ford said… I would love to see these falls again! It's been 37 years since I was there...beautiful capture from above. I like seeing the people viewing the falls from below.
Carly said…
Hi Manang Kim

Welcome to the Round Robins! :) I am so pleased you joined in the fun. I wouldn't have wanted to have missed this gorgeous photo of Niagra! It's on my list of Top 10 places to see one day! I also want to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, Ellipsis. Made me smile when I really need it! :)

I hope you will continue to join us for future challenges! Also, I host the Monday Photo Shoot, and you are more then welcome to join us for that too. We enjoy making new friends! :) See my blog for information about the Monday Photo Shoot, and jump in any time.

Once again, WELCOME! :)

ellen b. said…
What an amazing view! I really would love to go back to Niagra Falls sometime. It's such a powerful thing to see...
Rita said…
Had the chance to visit there once and life got in the way so I missed the trip. I saw the photos from those that went and they did not compare to your shot.

Great first post for RR. Welcome.
Jama said…
What a spectacular view! I hope I get a chance to visit it one day, but the long plane journey is not something I look forward to.
Suzanne R said…
What a stunning photo! I would love to go there but it's probably not in the cards for me. Niagara Falls is just wonderful!
Oh, what a wonderful subject for your first Round Robin! I LOVE Niagara Falls, and this is an excellent shot of that side of it. (And now I want to try that restaurant.) Welcome to the Robins!
Nancy said…
As a NYer, I've been there a couple of times, but not for a looong time. Hubby and I want to return together one day. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!!


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