Ladies bestfriend..

Valentines day is just 14 days more to go and I have something in my mind already hehe. Well, first off hubby is asking me already what do I like for  a gift this coming Valentines day hmmm that is a good sign huh! When he asked me that my mind is like working overtime hahaha because I want to remember what I do really like to have. One thing that I noticed for myself is that I have only one watch. I like to have a new one but couldn't find a good one that I do really like. A friend of mine told me that she is going to sell some of her watches and if I like to see her collection we will arrange a day to meet. But I knew what kind of watch she got and it is not the kind of watch that I do really like, I like a two tone watch and at this time I like to get a watch that has diamonds on it ^_^. So I started to check and found this beautiful piece a seiko diamond watches gush when I looked at it I feel in love immediately ^_^Though I haven't told DH about what I discovered but I knew he will gonna give it to me.


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