Trophies for you!!

When I was in high school, I am so skinny not by being athletic but because I walked a lot from school to house and vice-versa. I love to play softball or badminton but in my school the student from the first section are the ones who has the oppurtunity to be picked first than the students who are in the next section. Anyhow, when I was in college I became involve in sports specially the soccer and I so love it. As a soccer player I had to wake up early and practice a lot. I was in my junior years when our batched got our first soccer trophies. Because when we were in senior year we also played volleyball and got our first Volleyball trophies . I remember we were so happy that time we just bonded for two years and when we all graduated and go our separate ways we were crying and we don't want to leave our school but that is what life is some chapters of our life has to be closed to move to another chapter.
Last two weeks ago, I went to see my step-grandson wrestling competition at his school. Gush it was kind of rough though, I don't know why school do allow it,  because for my personal opinion I don't like it though. Anyway, my step-grandson went pretty well in that sport. I guess because he is not that too tall just the right height for a good wrestler but then he also have a burly kind of body. His body type is a kind a wrestler could have. So after the competition he ended up second and got a very pretty wrestling trophies. His  mother was so happy for him and so was I. He worked for it for so long and he got it though not the first one but at least he ended up among the top three.


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