Green Police

I have a question for everybody who will read this, what is the color of a police uniform? Times out! My brother is a cop and his uniform is dark blue and he wore that all the time. Now what if I am going to tell you that there is such a  thing as  Green Police how cool is that huh?? Actually it is my first time to hear a Green Police 
and I wonder what is their job and why green? I have so many questions in mind that I started to look at the internet about what is a Green Police .
Well I found out that there will be a Glastonbury Festival 2010 and they are accepting for a Green Police application  now I find it very fascinating to be with this very amazing, unique and with a cause festival. I will try to look at the application because the cause is what I believe in. You see I love to do something with the environment and when I read the  work of a green police my curiosity perk up and my inner self of helping the environment just kick in.
I love to do anything specially about keeping the air clean, recycling, planting trees and  with that little act I already feel I succeeded in life.  So with this Glastonbury Festival 2010 I bet this is a lot of fun, aside from the work but also I could meet friends from all over the world. And have the opportunity to listen different music from other countries and most of all I could be with people who love our Mother Earth.


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