Pickard properties

My cousin is working as a nurse in London for almost 5 years now. My other cousin who is also a nurse is coming to stay with her this coming April. I am so happy that both of my cousins are in UK and they are doing really great there. Their job as a nurse really makes them have a lot of money hehe. Early this morning I saw my cousin online in yahoo messenger and we chatted for awhile. She told me that she is going to get married soon wohooo!! I am so excited of her. But their is one concern that is lurking to both of them because my other cousin don't want to live with her when her and her husband will be back from their honeymoon, of course! So I told her to tell my other cousin to find a good place for her not too far from her so they could still hang out together in their free time. She told me that they are already starting to looked around for properties that she would love to live and also not too far from her place. They found Student Lettings in Leeds very appropriate for her, though she is already professional but she found the place easy to live by.


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