You need it..

This morning hubby put up our ceiling fan (at last). And while doing it on his own it  was kind of hard for him since he has to climb up and crawl the ceiling to wire and then come back down to fix the wiring. But thankfully he was able to finished the job. Back in the Philippines it is also kind of hard to find a good carpenter or any body to fix what ever you want to fix your house. Thankfully over there you pay by the day and not per hour unlike here in US it has to be per hour or by contract and talking about contacting a Builders it cost a lot of money.
Remember my two cousins in UK who worked there as a nurse one of them just bought a new house a little bit far from the city where she and my other cousin live. She told me she couldn't find a cheap house or apartment inside the city so her and her fiance decided to get a property a bit far from the city. They just have to commute by train or bus and by doing that they have to adjust for awhile. Now, they found a good place she was attracted to it from the first sight ^_^. Aside from the love at first sight the property is not that far from the train. The house from the outside it looks very stunning and inside my cousin told me she decided to change some of the layout and she decided to hire Builders who could do a great job.Her fiance told her that what ever is her plan he will just support her, good fiance ^_^.


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