I had a good time with my BIL's son and daughter with their kids in tow because we went to University of Kentucky where my BIL's grandson studied to. The air is still cold though it was below freezing but the breeze makes it cold. We walked from his dormitory to the school campus and just roamed around. Wow I am amazed by how huge is the place and their library makes my eyes popped out, it was huge!!! He showed us the old buildings that was built since 1886 ( i guess i forgot it) and while walking and talking he told his mom that he needs an eyeglasses because his is not compatible with his eyes anymore. The good thing is that her mom knew where to buy a cheap eyeglasses we were just kind of laughing about it because somebody just crack a joke about what if you don't have an eyeglasses with you and their campus is so big in area he might ended up to a wrong dormitory lol! I was thinking in changing  my eyeglasses too because mine makes me edgy it just didn't fit my head nor it looks pretty for the fact that it was expensive.The kind of eyeglasses that I so like is cheap at the same time modern looking. And that is what I do really need. I talked hubby about it and good thing he never said no to me hehe, well because I am some kind of a bratty wife so he told me to just order it right away. Now I am browsing which one I do really like since there are too many to choose from but I am for sure I would love a modern but cheap one.


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