SkywatchFriday: Full Moon

It's full moon tonight right? Though it was bitterly cold outside I manage to get a picture of the magnificent moon.

It looks there are two moon in this photo but it's not. I was behind a window in this and when I took the shot it with a flash it reflects.

The same time but different angle and different tone from the camera.

The same angle as the first and still behind a glass window.

This was taken at the porch even if it is very cold I got a good shot I guess lol!
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ewok1993 said…
It looks like a good night out in your neck of the woods.
Lindz said…
I would have thought it's a star from the distance, look good
fredamans said…
Very nice!
eileeninmd said…
Lovely shot of the moon!
serline said…
I like the second image. Very nice blue sky.

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