Monday, November 30, 2009

Smile ^_^

Growing up I never felt confident with my smile because my two front teeth has this dark spots or cavities and they created a hole between them. I love to smile I guess I am a happy person  but since I have those two problem front teeth I have to cover my mouth when I smile.  I was young then but still it inculcated in my mind that having a bad looking teeth isn't that nice. Then when I had my first job (still had that two front teeth problem) and so I earned my own money that's when I considered about cosmetic dentistry . But couldn't find the right person or dentist and what I want to do with my teeth. I don't go to the dentist more often because I am afraid of just by the name but my teeth is shouting on me the word help! They had to be fix right away or else the cavities will eat up all my front teeth and that will create a big mess.
I found out that there is a word veneer and or dental veneers in the dental world. The word is so vague to me only the dentist can explain  that to us really well. Last month I went to our family dentist and considered to have dental veneers for my teeth. I know having a perfect teeth will create a perfect smile that will uplift my self-esteem and exudes the beauty in me.

Done shopping?

Hey guys and gals if you missed Black Friday shopping galore today is Cyber Monday that means you can shop and shop till you drop online!! Yup inside the comfort of your cozy home you can do your shopping today with all the discounts that is available in all store available online.
Like this one that I have seen in Sams club in there website about gas ranges they have so many kinds of ranges though. Whatever to your liking it may be electric ranges, compact gas ranges, free standing gas ranges, kitchen ranges

to name a few and they are all in the best of prices so if you shop today online they have good  discount and mind you it is free delivery wow that is a plus for me since we don't have a pick up truck to haul this heavy appliance. I could imagine myself cooking with a new range in my kitchen this Christmas -wink-

Buy gold...

Has anyone think that gold is worth investing for? I myself like gold jewelries but does I think of how much it is to invest and let your money grow? I never thought of investing gold or buying gold coins either what I only like to do is to buy gold jewelries and that's it. Because, I thought that it is hard to invest gold and also in the back of my mind how do I do it? The where and how keeps on bugging my mind until I found this site about gold coins.
In this time and age you couldn't be tease now as an innocent victim because everything is serve to you in a silver platter, for the fact that this site about gold coins is just easy to explore or navigate. They have even a gold coin guide for  free!! Wow!! So people get in the wagon and lets enjoy the holiday season with gold coins in our portfolio. -wink-

Sunday, November 29, 2009



My entry for this week Mellow Yellow Monday is here...Kayak!! They are my nieces and nephew kayaking in the middle of the sea. Yup you heard it right the resort is in the middle of the sea, they knew how to swim that is why they had all the fun kayaking around the resort, while I was busy trying to get picture of them and glancing all the time if there is a shark somewhere lol. But the real reason that I don't go with the kayaking moment is because I don't know how to swim ^_^ I get panicked so easily when I'm in the water so I shun from swimming, kayaking or any activity that water is involve hehe. In this picture I am the photographer lol!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

PhotoHunt: Technology

Photo Hunt is here again and this weeks theme is all about technology. Well in this time and age it is not hard to find a new high tech stuff we are surrounded by it. Sometimes our jaw just drop by how technology change our lives and how quick technology change a lot. My contribution for this week is what we call ATM oh no not the machine that we can get cash!!! But an ATM that gives WATER!! Yes, you read it right it is water that comes out from the ATM and ATM means Automatic Tubig (water) Machine here is how it looks like. Cool huh!! Happy photo-hunting!


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Friday, November 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Didn't snow

It's Sky watch Friday again and I am so excited to feature my photo that I took  yesterday Thanksgiving day. First off, how's your Thanksgiving day celebration and dinner yesterday? Do you have a good turkey and all the side dish like bean casserole, creamed peas etc, and what about the dessert the pumpkin pie, apple caramel pie and some other pies? I think everybody has a good dinner yesterday while watching the football well our Lions is as usual loss it again...what the heck lol!!
Anyhow, yesterday's Thanksgiving day is my 6th since I arrived here last 2004. But yesterday was the BEST it didn't snow yepeyyyy!! Though it was chilly outside but at least it didn't snow!! When the sun came out while I was busy in the kitchen I grab my camera and took picture of it. Because for me it is a rare moment to have sun on Thanksgiving day. Here is my photos.


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You say too!!

Do you have a blog or do you like to start blogging? Blogging is a way of life now a days, it gives a person a way out to release what he is experiencing for the day, his trip, the food he loves best, the dresses that he/she just purchase. Basically blogging is writing what you feel and what you do for the day, you can also rant, vent to whoever gives you the stress of the day, well just don't put the name he/she might read your blog and it might cause trouble ^_^. But aside from theday to day activities that you wrote in your blog what about blogging for money!!

I know, I know it doesn't make sense blogging for money is it possible, of course it is!!  But how to make money blogging? It is very simple, you need first to have a blog then write your daily activities then visit revenue sharing so your blog will be listed. And as soon as you write daily, make friends online, visiting them , you find out that aside from making friends, it is fun! So why not visit and join you say too and start earning now.

journal And what if you blog and at the same time you earn from your blogging

Loving Timex...

Do you know of someone who love Timex watch? Well, I happened to know two people who love Timex it's my husband and my niece. One time while hubby was still visiting me few years ago, he accidentally loss his watch. I suggested that we gonna buy a new one, we were in the store and I was looking at those fancy nice gold and silver tone watches and picked some of the good looking ones. Well, he didn't like it he told me it has to be the same one that he just loosed. I asked him what was the brand and he says it is Timex!!
Thankfully we found the same watched and the same color that he likes. Last year I gave him another watch and again it is Timex his favorite watch. And this year my niece ask me if she could have Timex (again) since her watch that I gave her 3 years ago is some kind of old already. Hmmm, you know how teenagers are they like to have new gadgets all the time. So I look at it on the internet and found the website of Zappos where they have different kinds of Timex watch. I was also excited since their delivery is free and they had new arrival of Timex watches I told my niece about it and she too was excited to get hold her new Timex watch this Christmas.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


To all my friends here in blogosphere thank you for dropping by, I will take 2 days off for tomorrows Thanksgiving day. I have at least 10 people coming and I am preparing as early as today. So see you the next day and will surely visit all your site as soon as I can -wink-wink-

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Local is the best!

Do you still have those yellow huge book  that comes at your house from time to time?  I see you nodding your head ^_^, yes it's the one that when we look up a friends house phone number you have to look hundreds of pages, and if you forgot or misplaced your doctors appointment card you have to dig in every pages just to looked for the  office phone number, but oh well things have change people there is local yellowpages now!
Like this week, people are going home for Thanksgiving day, well sometimes flights are not on time some people are stuck in a place that they are not familiar with. This is the time where you have to do local searches through local yellowpages, this site even provide traffic feedback to a place where you like to go or where you are at the time, it has a weather update right at there website, they have list of restaurants and hotels and even reviews from people who had experienced with these businesses.
The other day I was  craving for baklava, a certain dessert that is so good. Anyhow, I just do local searches with local yellowpages and voila I found a local restaurant who made this so good baklava dessert. In anything you want and need go to local yellowpages and you are not going to missed anything anymore.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MellowYellowMonday: Tulips


My MellowYellowMonday picture for this week is about Tulips!! Couple of years ago hubby and I visited Holland, Michigan to there Tulips Festival. I never knew there are more than a hundred varieties of tulips. They came out with different colors and shapes they are just awesome to look out. They are all so pretty, but one thing that I noticed about tulips they don't last long. I called them spring flowers actually because even here at my backyard my tulips will popped out in spring only but that is okey I still enjoyed them while they last. Here are my pictures from the festival.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

PhotoHunt: Bird (s)

This week theme for Photo Hunt is all about bird (s). I was browsing my photo folder and the one thing that capture my attention is my beautiful pretty pink bird setting on her little cute nest. Isn't she lovely?? ^_^

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                                               HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE AND ENJOY!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SkywatchFriday: Sunset

Here is my contribution for this week's SkyWatchFriday
One of those nicest sunset here in Michigan.

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Not feeling secure anymore?

Do you feel secure now a days even if you are inside the comfort of your home? Every time I read a newspaper every morning I noticed that many homes are burglarized. But I didn't make it like it is already a red flag for us to get a a home security system because I thought that it only happens more than 10 miles from us.
Until recently, after we experienced a downfall of economy many people are laid off. People had a hard time finding jobs when I noticed that crimes is getting closer and closer to home!! And that makes me scared specially that my hubby is not around all the time. Several of our neighboring house are burglarized specially those houses whose owners are at work the whole day and the kids are at school, I thought living in the country side is safe. Usually we don't close doors, never locked our cars, garage is open but now you can't do it. Robbers are so bold that they do really get inside the house and ransacked all what you've got and what scares me sometimes they do harm to people.
So hubby and I talked about getting one because I don't feel safe anymore we need a security system. We found out that ADT is the best home security system here in America. I also found out that many of my friends already had ADT  home security system in their homes. I was the one left alone geez, I can't let myself be left behind in getting ADT because it is not just our home are protected as well as our dear life!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Invest your money...

In this time of economic downfall we need to put our money to a company that we really do trust. I've been wanting to learn how to do online trading but with too many companies offering their services I don't know where to go.  And more often than not many companies asked too high a price on learning how to do online trading.
I've heard about  online broker and stock trading one time while hubby and his brother are talking, but even if I heard those words it's too vague for me to grasp what does it all mean. Thankfully I found Firstrade where you could snoop around before investing your money. To join is free and they have special offers for new comers. Firstrade is an online broker they give you real services for your money invested to them. When you join them you can also do stock trading. They have a lot of options depending on what you want for your invested money.
So what are you waiting guys visit now at Firstrade and start investing your money!! 

Sepia Scene: My first car!!

My Sepia Scene for today features my first car a Chrysler Concorde 2001. I was happy to have this car I even name my first car LUCY. I got it second hand the first owner keep this car like a gem so when I got it, it does looks new. The husband told me that they don't drive this car too often because they have a van which they often drove from where ever they like to go and so Lucy is always inside the garage with her pristine color and condition.
I never dream in my life that I would own a car nor I can drive. My brother had a car with stick shift and every time he told me to practice driving I just shun and pretend I don't hear him. For one thing I don't like driving specially in the Philippines and with the stick shift forget it.  But when I got here in America, it was quite different I had to know how to drive. In the Philippines, having a car is like a luxury but here in America it is a necessity!! So I started to learned how to drive, one time it was snowing I couldn't control my wheel I ended up in the snow bank and that makes me frustrated and very nervous. I ended up in a driving school my classmates were 16 years old and ME, oh well I was 40 years old hehehehe!! Thankfully from all the driving test and road test I did pass it all. But one thing that i discover, it is hard to learned to drive if your husband is the one teaching you how to drive hehehe I hope everybody can relate me to that.....^_^

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just clik ME!

Do you have a hard time finding a place that sought your preference for your vacation time. A place that you feel you  can unwind and you feel you are at home? One time hubby and I are planning to visit this certain place but when I looked at it in the internet too many information came out and I have to read it one by one and sometimes it takes time to do that.
I once told a friend of mine about this frustration and she told me she has a solution of that problem. She gave me this website Just click local and thankfully it does help me a lot in finding a good place for our vacation. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this coming December and we would love to go somewhere else away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are three places that hubby and I are choosing for and these are  Miami,Florida , Pittsburg, PA, Charlotte, NC , this three places are our choices. With just a simple click to this places you can find all the information that you like to know when you are there. You don't have to jump around from website to website because everything is there. Now we are ready for our vacation next month and of course thanks to just click local our planning is done!

Ruby Tuesday: The Barn

I was blog hopping and discover there is a Ruby Tuesday meme. Aside from the yellow color that I like I also like red color and here is my first entry for Ruby Tuesday.

This is the barn of my MIL which is just a few meters away from our house. The first time I came here he showed me what is inside the barn. To look from outside it  seems like it is small but when I was inside it was huge. My husband told me when he was young and they are still farming they used to have more than 50 cows in that barn. My jaw drop that is a lot to milk huh!!??? He told me oh yeah and beside milking the cow every morning they have some other animals to attend to. Now there is no more cow or any other animal inside but some junks lol!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh deer, deer, deer!

One week ago today, hubby and I and some of our relatives went to Oscoda, Michigan to attend a relative funeral. We arrived the place early as expected the funeral service started at 11am was finished by 12noon and went immediately to the cemetery. After the cemetery we went to Tawas, Michigan for a dinner. Then after the picture taking, chatting and of course the sumptuous dinner we headed home. My hubby was the one driving, beside him is his brother and at the back is my brother in law's wife, me and my SIL. We were  in I-74 heading south with a 70miles/hr speed when all of a  sudden we heard this HUGE loud sound!!! We at the back who are sleeping were startled, I thought one of the tire just exploded. Hubby looked at his rear view mirror and he discovered that somebody is lying down in the middle of the road. He stopped the car and drive going back to find out what is lying on the ground.
Poor deer, a doe lying there dead!! I feel bad about it she might be running too hard the buck might be behind her chasing her when she happened to caught the truck my hubby drove. We looked at the damage part of the truck thankfully it was just the passengers door behind the drivers seat. My brother in law called 911 and after a while a county cop came, wrote some information to DNR and he asked me if we want to bring home the deer my hubby said YES! Hubby asked him if that was the first time that somebody got a deer on the road the cop said we're the fourth and he expected to have more specially at night. We headed home with a dead deer at the back of the truck. And we are thankful that only the passengers door is the one that get damage nothing else. Here are some of the pictures that I took.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I love Asian Lily and here is some of my asian lilies in my garden. This was taken early summer and I do love the colors of this one.


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

Dakak, Philippines

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PhotoHunt: Music

My photohunt

Here is a guitar that my husband bought 45 years ago. It's a 1962 Les Paul guitar. It's still  in mint condition, the case is original and the strap.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter at the beach?

Well, winter is fast approaching and oftentimes when winter comes and snow keeps pile up we wanted to see our self at the beach enjoying the sun, breathing the fresh air and swimming the ocean water. Does it sound fancy OH NO it is not,  because we can get it by going to Myrtle Beach Resorts yeheyyy!!!Yup the most sought-after beach resort where you can find what you are looking for in winter!!
In Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort they offer MANY packages that you can choose from. Depending on your needs and wants. But they all have different packages and there accomodations are great. They are located along the shore which in the morning you could see the sunrise. And at night they are close to carnivals, shopping centers, restaurant..aside from their own facilities too.
That is why it is really my dream to visit and stay at least for a week in Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach I have heard so much of this resorts and how beautiful it is there. So for anybody who wants to get out from the winterland this winter visit the sites, link them in your facebook or call them right for a good offer. And hope to meet you there.

Surviving Mesothelioma- A patients guide

I have found this book written by Paul Kraus about his battle of mesothelioma cancer . And 12 years ago the doctor told him his mesothelioma prognosis, he won't live long. My step-daughter also died of cancer. Once a member of your family is sick with cancer it is like the whole family is also affected because everybody just wanted to help, get more information about the disease, deciding to do chemotheraphy, radiation etc is also painstaking. I even wonder what mesothelioma is because I heard it all the time. Mesothelioma as I look at the dictionary a tumor of body cavity lining...a benign or malignant tumor of the lining of the lungs, heart or abdomen, often caused by asbestos exposure.
Sometime we are expose to asbestos but to what extent we could get a mesothelioma cancer is beyond me. But it is scary to think that we can get cancer just by exposure of some chemicals. That is why this book written by Paul Kraus who survive mesothelioma cancer is worth buying because he knew what he is talking about. For 12 years he bout the cancer and all the information about mesothelioma asbestos and mesothelioma prognosis is  all about.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


                                                    Here is my contribution for this skywatchFriday

the bench

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Attention golf enthusiast......

I have never played golf and so my husband. But one time my husbands son and his wife invited us to come with them. I was hesitant at first seems I don't enjoy that kind of game and for me it is just for the rich kind duh people! LOL!! But anyway so off we go and when we get there people are nice they like and the service of that country club was good. I didn't play though but I ride with the little cabby around the golf course.
When lunch came we came back to the country club and we were seated with bunch of my SIL friends and they mention about Golf Myrtle Beach. One couple says " oh yes we've there and it was awesome"!! And all the people seating around the table were eager to listen to their stories. Luckily, the wife had a something in her purse many pictures  from their last Myrtle Beach Golf vacation. I heard the ohhss and ahhss and I couldn't wait myself to see the pictures my curiosity stirs up like crazy.
Somebody asked if they have packages for family down there? And the couple says they do have, just go to the website and check their Myrtle Beach Golf Packages and you could find several choices of packages depending on your liking. And aside from being in  the Myrtle Beach Golf it is not all golfing but they have attractions, good dining, good nightlife, and car rentals is available 24/7.  Yup everybody in our table who is 99% golf enthusiast were so eager to come to check the best and very famous Golf Myrtle Beach.

My 5th year anniversary!

On this day November 12, (2004)  I set foot in American soil. After my medical examination in St. Lukes and then my interview at the US Embassy in Manila, hubby and I went back to my hometown to wait for my visa. Thankfully after All Saints day and All Souls day my visa arrived. So we bid goodbye specially to my nieces and nephew, my brother and sister, my relatives and friends. It was heartbreaking actually I don't want to go because I already felt the pang of homesickness but I chose this life to be with my husband in foreign land. After all the paper works and processing and seminars this is it the time has come so I must go.
We departed Manila 6:15 am aboard Northwest Airline flight 72. We deplaned in Nagoya airport for at least an hour and a half then the same plane took off heading Detroit, USA.
I didn't talked a lot through our 18hrs flight but hubby told me then that he says I smiled a lot! I was seated at the window so when our plane touched ground I immediately looked out the window and here it is I saw the American flag!! Hubby hug me and greet me "Welcome to America this is your home" he is so sweet huh! I can't contain myself I was already excited to get out.
Slowly we deplane and then  I saw this huge tall people watching us hehe. The people who just embarked the plane were all quite I don't know why maybe because of lack of sleep anxious to get home. A man announces that there should be no using of cellphone and everybody followed through  how disciplined ha lol!
Then we were in the immigration counter, it was my first time and I was considered visitor so I lined up differently from hubby since he is an american citizen. It didn't take forever to line up because there are so many immigration officers processing all of the passengers.
I was just amazed because inside the airport only the officers on duty was there. Hinde kagaya sa Pinas bakit ang daming tao sa loob nang airport? Anyhow after all the grueling little interview, showing them your documents and all I was back again with hubby. We took out our luggage and headed to the last officer, with him I was questioned about my fake LV geez....I bought that bag in Robinsons, Malate doon sa maraming fake na stores!! I was a bit nervous but from the very beginning of our conversation  I was already honest. He let me pass hehe but told me that bringing fake bags is not almost magka nerbiyos breakdown na ata ako doon hehe.
Then we headed to the exit door and saya2x ko kaya I don't have to tackle all those officers and questions hirap mag english hehe! We were outside the door and I could see the people waiting for their loved ones I thought of myself ang ganda naman nang waiting room nila sosyal. Eh gusto kong mag pee I asked hubby to wait for me I'd go to the restroom. Napa-wow ako ang daming tissue paper inside the restroom I counted it lima ata hehehe. I said naku nasa America na talaga ako hehe.
Hubby then called his daughter and there she is driving her car and on her hand is a thick jacket. I was like why I am wearing this thick jacket??? It didn't  take 5 minutes for me to figure it out nung nakalabas na kami ang lamig super ka lamig eh fall na kaya itong November 5, I immediately wore the jacket and climb the car eh naka sandals lang ata ako.
As we headed home along the way I saw many American flags kahit sa mga houses they put flags. The highway is not just a highway but super highway as in ang limit nang pagdrive mo is 70miles/hr equivalent to 110km/hr sa Pinas diba parang lumipad ka na doon. Pero that time I was engrossed with the all the landscape, buildings that we passed along the way.
Then we arrived home...yucks parang ito na this is it the moment of all. I meet my super sweet and kind MIL she is 92 yrs old and battling with cancer. She just went down from her room to greet me, my SIL told me that she really did fixed herself to meet me. But through all the things that happened when I had my moment together with my MIL she told me one thing that until I did treasure she said "I was worried for three days my son didn't call me, and I did pray that both of us (my husband and I) are okey" because she said "now I am ready to go because I saw my son is happy and I am happy you came with him", sa kadaldalan ko eh natameme kaya ako doon. I just kissed her after a month and  3 days she passed away.
So yun ang nangyari sa akin 5 years ago. I am glad and thankful that I came to this family and they welcome me with love and grandeur. Two days after that they had a welcome party for me and meet more relatives and more relatives after that day.

                                                                        Yan ang smile

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Need a ticket?

Yay tomorrow is  the Detroit Red Wings vs Vancouver Canucks game in Detroit and since I am from Michigan our team is Detroit Red Wings!! Thankfully hubby got our ticket from Joe Louis Arena tickets it was fast and easy and at the same time reliable. When you call them or go to their website they are professional in taking and providing all your need.
Since holiday season is fast approaching and I am  a fun of music and theater shows.  I am planning to give gifts to my relatives and friends who love to watch concerts and theater arts. I already told them that I am not going to give any material things this year rather a ticket for concerts and theater shows. I already checked out Minskoff Theater tickets and Ford Center for the performing arts tickets and find out that they are reliable and they have professional service.
So if you want your relatives, friends and you have a good time this holiday season come and check this websites for sure you can get online tickets just like a snap in a finger. Remember it is hard to get tickets specially to those shows and games who are in demand so check it out.


I was talking to my friend online this morning whose family is now residing in Australia. Along our chat we talked about our internet providers and I told her that my provider is fast and reliable. She told me that hers is a broadband satellite internet. I was also very surprise because it is VERY affordable, dependable because it has a 24/7 help desk, if she has a problem she could just call them and they are there. Is good in there service 24 hours and locally owned. She told me nobody could bet that LOL! And I agree to that just by the price itself wow indeed very affordable.
And she added  that it is subsidize with the australian broadband guarantee subsidy again I told her WOW!! What a deal huh? If you are eligible then you can avail it. The australian want to provide all Australian household and small business to access the internet. And it is not hard to know if you can avail the subsidy you just go to the webpage for two steps and voila you know if you have a broadband satellite internet.

Talking about plagiarism

Okey guys, this is something that I just discovered the other day. I was posting my entry about bad credit to this certain company. Everything was doing good and then it happened that somebody posted a message in my shout box and so I clik the name to also visit back and say thank you for dropping a line in his/her blog. TO MY SURPRISE I saw and read what I have posted about "bad credit" I was startled and look at my posting and his/her posting it is THE SAME. I looked  at his/her stamptime it doesn't have one. I was more PISSED OFF because the company that he/she is writing to is not the same company that I am writing. Geez....I knew about plagiarism word before but I DIDN'T expect it would happen to me that fast huh. I've been posting (a pay post) for I guess two weeks now and  here it is I already discovered that somehow our posting is being plagiarise. Makes me ticked off but oh well that just mean that I am good hehehehehe!!!
                                                                  WHAT A LIFE!!!

Note: By the way if anybody wanted to know who this person (pero hinde siya taga atin or dili siya taga ato)  let me know you can visit his/her blog but if you do you will give his/her a blog site good traffic HUWAG Na! Tataas pa PR niya hehe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Online math tutoring

Are you good in math? I am not! Do you need math tutoring? I think I do. Thanks goodness in this generation there is already an online math tutoring which my kids cousin are into. I was in there house last week when I happened to know that her son who is in K-12 is doing good in school because of online math tutoring. She told me that after she got her son into online math tutoring her husband got in too. Online math tutoring is not only for K-12 and beyond but also they have back to school and college tutoring. It helps a lot to her husband since her husband is enrolled in Engineering course and it has a lot of math subjects I could never figure out. Ater checking the website I am encourage to give myself a chance to know more about math by availing online math tutoring.

Computer crash?

I love to surf the web. Oftentimes I go to websites where  I don't know if it is safe. One time I was in this music website and download there music and just so immediately I could feel that my computer runs so slow I also noticed that I already have pop-ups though I don't allow pop-ups in my computer. So hubby insisted to check RegWork   I immediately check out their website and avail their free scan. It didn't last long I found out that my registry has to be clean thankfully RegWork is for registry cleaning and it repairs too. Now I don't have to worry about pop ups and my registry is clean. Thanks to RegWork.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Hop: Ask a question.

Hello Friends its Blog Hop time again and my question for this week are:

1. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

2. Do you already have your Thanksgiving menu?

My answer:
1. Yes, hubby and I will celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year in our own abode. We are going to invite his children to come over for dinner.

2. Haven't finalize my Thanksgiving menu yet. But of course, we will have turkey, mashed potato, bean casserole, gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallow and pumpkin pie. Too many already huh?? But wanted to add it more for my special Filipino dish. ^_^

MckLinky Blog Hop

Bad credit? No problem!

We all knew that we are experiencing an economic crunch here in US. Many people were laid off from work and if you have work some companies can't give you 40 hours/week.  And because of that many people can't pay their bills on time. That will lead their credit score going bad. But there is always a solution to any problem. My friend visited this website for her credit repair . She was so happy that she knew this site because it helps her so much in improving her credit. She was never left alone in her journey in taking back her credit score high  because this site will give all there credit repair services they knew and as what she say what you only do is to take back and let them do the work and it turns out very good for her. So if you have a problem with your credit score visit the website and you will never regret.

Myrtle Beach Hotels

Does anybody heard about Myrtle Beach? Myrtle beach is located in South Carolina and is located along the shore line of the East coast.  My step-daughter and her family always go down there every February when everything here in Michigan is blanketed  with snow. They like to stay in Myrtle Beach Hotel because according to her the accomodations is very good. The amenities is superb the kids love it so much. My step-daughter's husband love to golf and they have golf course and so shopping centers. The huge thing that they are also happy because they have an ocean front view.
Last August my step-son got married and one of their destination for their honeymoon is Myrtle Beach   they were checking Oceanfront Myrtle Beach hotel and stayed their for a week!! My step-son told me that the place is really awesome and you have so many choices like if you want an ocean front room or condominiums, they do really find out for you that is how they accomodate to all their guests.
That is why hubby and I are planning to visit Myrtle Beach this coming February our curiosity stirs more often specially when my step son and step daughter talk about Myrtle beach. Now we are browsing Oceanfront Myrtle Beach hotels and so excited to have a vacation specially when all the people that we knew really do like the place. Myrtle beach hotels here we come!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mellow yellow Monday: Leaves


This was taken at my LH's Uncle and Aunt house. The land were pretty much covered with yellow leaves and the trees are just so pretty can't help to take a picture from it.

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...