Mellow yellow Monday: Leaves


This was taken at my LH's Uncle and Aunt house. The land were pretty much covered with yellow leaves and the trees are just so pretty can't help to take a picture from it.

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VioletSky said…
very nice carpet of leaves.
somebody is going to have a lot of raking to do!
love the color manang kim...
Very pretty ... some many leaves!
chubskulit said…
golden carpet yan ate, ganda!

To start the week, I am sharing our walk in the park last weekend.
Joops said…
beautiful view, nice shots Ms. Kim!

I would like to share our Mellow weekend
Yes, I agree, it looks like a carpet of leaves, beautiful.
Anne said…
Manang, this is great. Ang ganda. Kindly take a look at my yellow bins entry here.
This photo makes me want to walk through the leaves to hear the sound. Lovely.
Mom of Four said…
Gusto ko rin mag take ng pictures dito sa yard namin kasi puno na rin ng mga tuyong dahon, wahhhh!
Marice said…
wish i could see somthing like that on our backyard ;) great captures!

u may view mine if u have time
Diyos ko sangkatutak na dahon yang wawalisin nyo, hehehe, lol. Napakaganda talaga nang kulay nang dahon na nalalagas tuwing autumn. Yun nga lang matrabaho magkalaykay nito. Yearly cycle na naman yan kaya siguro sanay na rin kayo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all.

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