My 5th year anniversary!

On this day November 12, (2004)  I set foot in American soil. After my medical examination in St. Lukes and then my interview at the US Embassy in Manila, hubby and I went back to my hometown to wait for my visa. Thankfully after All Saints day and All Souls day my visa arrived. So we bid goodbye specially to my nieces and nephew, my brother and sister, my relatives and friends. It was heartbreaking actually I don't want to go because I already felt the pang of homesickness but I chose this life to be with my husband in foreign land. After all the paper works and processing and seminars this is it the time has come so I must go.
We departed Manila 6:15 am aboard Northwest Airline flight 72. We deplaned in Nagoya airport for at least an hour and a half then the same plane took off heading Detroit, USA.
I didn't talked a lot through our 18hrs flight but hubby told me then that he says I smiled a lot! I was seated at the window so when our plane touched ground I immediately looked out the window and here it is I saw the American flag!! Hubby hug me and greet me "Welcome to America this is your home" he is so sweet huh! I can't contain myself I was already excited to get out.
Slowly we deplane and then  I saw this huge tall people watching us hehe. The people who just embarked the plane were all quite I don't know why maybe because of lack of sleep anxious to get home. A man announces that there should be no using of cellphone and everybody followed through  how disciplined ha lol!
Then we were in the immigration counter, it was my first time and I was considered visitor so I lined up differently from hubby since he is an american citizen. It didn't take forever to line up because there are so many immigration officers processing all of the passengers.
I was just amazed because inside the airport only the officers on duty was there. Hinde kagaya sa Pinas bakit ang daming tao sa loob nang airport? Anyhow after all the grueling little interview, showing them your documents and all I was back again with hubby. We took out our luggage and headed to the last officer, with him I was questioned about my fake LV geez....I bought that bag in Robinsons, Malate doon sa maraming fake na stores!! I was a bit nervous but from the very beginning of our conversation  I was already honest. He let me pass hehe but told me that bringing fake bags is not almost magka nerbiyos breakdown na ata ako doon hehe.
Then we headed to the exit door and saya2x ko kaya I don't have to tackle all those officers and questions hirap mag english hehe! We were outside the door and I could see the people waiting for their loved ones I thought of myself ang ganda naman nang waiting room nila sosyal. Eh gusto kong mag pee I asked hubby to wait for me I'd go to the restroom. Napa-wow ako ang daming tissue paper inside the restroom I counted it lima ata hehehe. I said naku nasa America na talaga ako hehe.
Hubby then called his daughter and there she is driving her car and on her hand is a thick jacket. I was like why I am wearing this thick jacket??? It didn't  take 5 minutes for me to figure it out nung nakalabas na kami ang lamig super ka lamig eh fall na kaya itong November 5, I immediately wore the jacket and climb the car eh naka sandals lang ata ako.
As we headed home along the way I saw many American flags kahit sa mga houses they put flags. The highway is not just a highway but super highway as in ang limit nang pagdrive mo is 70miles/hr equivalent to 110km/hr sa Pinas diba parang lumipad ka na doon. Pero that time I was engrossed with the all the landscape, buildings that we passed along the way.
Then we arrived home...yucks parang ito na this is it the moment of all. I meet my super sweet and kind MIL she is 92 yrs old and battling with cancer. She just went down from her room to greet me, my SIL told me that she really did fixed herself to meet me. But through all the things that happened when I had my moment together with my MIL she told me one thing that until I did treasure she said "I was worried for three days my son didn't call me, and I did pray that both of us (my husband and I) are okey" because she said "now I am ready to go because I saw my son is happy and I am happy you came with him", sa kadaldalan ko eh natameme kaya ako doon. I just kissed her after a month and  3 days she passed away.
So yun ang nangyari sa akin 5 years ago. I am glad and thankful that I came to this family and they welcome me with love and grandeur. Two days after that they had a welcome party for me and meet more relatives and more relatives after that day.

                                                                        Yan ang smile


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