Ruby Tuesday: The Barn

I was blog hopping and discover there is a Ruby Tuesday meme. Aside from the yellow color that I like I also like red color and here is my first entry for Ruby Tuesday.

This is the barn of my MIL which is just a few meters away from our house. The first time I came here he showed me what is inside the barn. To look from outside it  seems like it is small but when I was inside it was huge. My husband told me when he was young and they are still farming they used to have more than 50 cows in that barn. My jaw drop that is a lot to milk huh!!??? He told me oh yeah and beside milking the cow every morning they have some other animals to attend to. Now there is no more cow or any other animal inside but some junks lol!

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Martha in PA said…
I love a red barn! Great Ruby Tuesday photo!

Thanks for stopping by!
nice A said…
Thanks for sharing that red barn. haven't seen real one like that yet.
It's also my first time to join Ruby Tuesday. I discovered it only when I joined MYM.
wow... beautiful photo. Glad to join today, first time for me.
Rebecca said…
I love red barns...I kind of love junk too. :) But I hate to admit it.
Glampinoy said…
I would love to milk cows in the morning. In fact I plan to visit a dairy farm in the Philippines one day.

Have a nice day to you and your family!
hip chick said…
Oh I love old barns. This one is beautiful.
Loree said…
Aweseom barn. I just love those old barns and most of them are painted in the most delightful colours.
Sheress said…
Very nice full of red and I love the fact that the grass is and manicured.

Please stop by
Malaki talaga yung barn na yun kung kasya duon ang 50 cows. Ang dami ngang gatas nun kung sakali, lol. Masyadong malawak yang Ruby Tuesday meme na yan. Matagal ko nang nakikita yan. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Hi Kim, it is hard to find a red barn still standing after all of these years..this one looks to be in good shape..with many memories inside of it...thanks for sharing and for your visit to my place today..

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday..Hugs, Baba
dhemz said…
oh wow...very nice entry you have here huge....:)

mine was up too!

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