Sepia Scene: My first car!!

My Sepia Scene for today features my first car a Chrysler Concorde 2001. I was happy to have this car I even name my first car LUCY. I got it second hand the first owner keep this car like a gem so when I got it, it does looks new. The husband told me that they don't drive this car too often because they have a van which they often drove from where ever they like to go and so Lucy is always inside the garage with her pristine color and condition.
I never dream in my life that I would own a car nor I can drive. My brother had a car with stick shift and every time he told me to practice driving I just shun and pretend I don't hear him. For one thing I don't like driving specially in the Philippines and with the stick shift forget it.  But when I got here in America, it was quite different I had to know how to drive. In the Philippines, having a car is like a luxury but here in America it is a necessity!! So I started to learned how to drive, one time it was snowing I couldn't control my wheel I ended up in the snow bank and that makes me frustrated and very nervous. I ended up in a driving school my classmates were 16 years old and ME, oh well I was 40 years old hehehehe!! Thankfully from all the driving test and road test I did pass it all. But one thing that i discover, it is hard to learned to drive if your husband is the one teaching you how to drive hehehe I hope everybody can relate me to that.....^_^


maryt/theteach said…
Kim, it's a beauty! I love the pink tone of your sepia. Good job! :)
Manang Kim said…
thank for dropping by marice!
Annie said…
Whoo. Slick car with an old fashion look. LOL
Ralph said…
Who doesn't remember their first car? Mine was a 1979 Dodge Omni that I purchased in 1979. I babied that car...I always liked the styling of these Chryslers, a big quiet and smooth ride. And so good looking in sepia!
First cars are special. Keep this photo. ;-)
Ang ganda nga nung kotse, me pagka sports car. Talagang mahirap magpaturo sa asawa dahil malakas sumigaw dahil sa nerbiyos, hehehe, lol. Mas mabuti talagang sa professional driving teacher magpaturo dahil professional sila at sanay na sa pagtuturo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
Paula said…
Pink is perfect for this first car!

I made my watermark on Picnik with the effects editor, very easy to do. What a drag to find your photograph copied!

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