Blog Hop: Ask a question.

Hello Friends its Blog Hop time again and my question for this week are:

1. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

2. Do you already have your Thanksgiving menu?

My answer:
1. Yes, hubby and I will celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year in our own abode. We are going to invite his children to come over for dinner.

2. Haven't finalize my Thanksgiving menu yet. But of course, we will have turkey, mashed potato, bean casserole, gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallow and pumpkin pie. Too many already huh?? But wanted to add it more for my special Filipino dish. ^_^

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Surfie said…
Yes, I celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what my husband and I will be doing this year (probably going out of town to celebrate the holiday with my parents, my brother and his wife and their kids). My favorite Thanksgiving menu includes turkey, oyster stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, whole berry cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, rolls or biscuits, and of course PUMPKIN PIE!
Barclay Kathryn said…
Hmmm, hungry already! Yup , we celebrate and we'll have the usuals, that thankfully my mother in law will be cooking!
yes, I love to celebrate a Thanksgiving, and this year it is my turn to host the family gathering. I do not have a menu, per say, but we just about always have the same - a full traditional meal!
Suburban Hooker said…
We sure do celebrate, it's opening day of the best food in the world day for

Our menu is turkey, mashed spuds, sweet taters, stuffing, cranberry orange relish, green bean casserole plus scalloped cabbage and corn for my little brother, rolls, pumpkin, apple and chocolate pies and A NAP!!
Nicole said…
Oh my yes, we celebrate big. We are still young enough that we have grandparents around (what a blessing!). So we end up having 4 (yes, FOUR) gatherings to get to each year. It's a crazy time, but it is so nice to see family. Generally there are two or three on Thanksgiving, and someone usually offers to celebrate sometime that weekend instead. We usually have the traditional fixings. My favorite special dish is fried sweet potatoes with tomato gravy on my husband's mother's side. Can't wait. :)
mommytoalot said…
Yes we celebrate Thanksgiving.
We already have had October..I'm Canadian
We had turkey with all the trimmings.
tonnes of veggies, turnip, corn, carrots, brocolli, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing..
for dessert..pecan cake and cherry cheese cake..not traditional I know..but i don't like pumpkin pie..
Sweet Joni said…
Yes, I do celebrate Thanksgiving, however Mom always flys to FL & this year my friend is in a half-way house so I'll be alone.
Clare said…
I love celebrating Thanksgiving! It's one of the best days of the year! I love to cook and bake and do all that jazz, but having only two people in the house most of the time isn't really conducive to making lots of food....thus the awesomeness of Thanksgiving!
Momma V said…
We do celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is one of my husbands favorite days of the year!!

Our menu includes: Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Squash, Sweet Potatoe, Peas, Carrots, Bread, and TONS AND TONS of pie!
HeatherOz said…
Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving. We have dinner at our house and the entire family is usually there. My family and my husband's family. I love that we don't have to have separate meals at different houses!

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