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Growing up I never felt confident with my smile because my two front teeth has this dark spots or cavities and they created a hole between them. I love to smile I guess I am a happy person  but since I have those two problem front teeth I have to cover my mouth when I smile.  I was young then but still it inculcated in my mind that having a bad looking teeth isn't that nice. Then when I had my first job (still had that two front teeth problem) and so I earned my own money that's when I considered about cosmetic dentistry . But couldn't find the right person or dentist and what I want to do with my teeth. I don't go to the dentist more often because I am afraid of just by the name but my teeth is shouting on me the word help! They had to be fix right away or else the cavities will eat up all my front teeth and that will create a big mess.
I found out that there is a word veneer and or dental veneers in the dental world. The word is so vague to me only the dentist can explain  that to us really well. Last month I went to our family dentist and considered to have dental veneers for my teeth. I know having a perfect teeth will create a perfect smile that will uplift my self-esteem and exudes the beauty in me.


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