Oh deer, deer, deer!

One week ago today, hubby and I and some of our relatives went to Oscoda, Michigan to attend a relative funeral. We arrived the place early as expected the funeral service started at 11am was finished by 12noon and went immediately to the cemetery. After the cemetery we went to Tawas, Michigan for a dinner. Then after the picture taking, chatting and of course the sumptuous dinner we headed home. My hubby was the one driving, beside him is his brother and at the back is my brother in law's wife, me and my SIL. We were  in I-74 heading south with a 70miles/hr speed when all of a  sudden we heard this HUGE loud sound!!! We at the back who are sleeping were startled, I thought one of the tire just exploded. Hubby looked at his rear view mirror and he discovered that somebody is lying down in the middle of the road. He stopped the car and drive going back to find out what is lying on the ground.
Poor deer, a doe lying there dead!! I feel bad about it she might be running too hard the buck might be behind her chasing her when she happened to caught the truck my hubby drove. We looked at the damage part of the truck thankfully it was just the passengers door behind the drivers seat. My brother in law called 911 and after a while a county cop came, wrote some information to DNR and he asked me if we want to bring home the deer my hubby said YES! Hubby asked him if that was the first time that somebody got a deer on the road the cop said we're the fourth and he expected to have more specially at night. We headed home with a dead deer at the back of the truck. And we are thankful that only the passengers door is the one that get damage nothing else. Here are some of the pictures that I took.


Anonymous said…
So glad no one was hurt - poor deer though.
I've looked through your mosiacs and mellow yellow monday -I love them both.
Beautiful pictures. so glad to meet someone from MI!
ruby said…
ohh i hope everyone is safe..
Manang Kim said…
Hi vickie, yup thankfully nobody was hurt. Thanks for visiting me back too I do appreciate it. And yes so glad to know I meet somebody from MI too. ^_^
Manang Kim said…
Hello Rubz, yes everyone is okey we were just startled when we heard the loud sound. Thanks for visiting! ^_^
Mom of Four said…
ay kawawa naman ng deer, pero at least nobody got hurt but the poor deer. Oh well, ganon talaga eh..takbo kasi ng takbo, nabunggo tuloy.
Kawawa naman yung deer pero talagang hindi maiiwasan na kung minsan ay maaaksidente sila. Dapat siguro ay lagyan nang perimeter fence yung roadside para hindi makatawid ang wild animals at mabangga. Buti naman at binigay sa inyo yung dead deer. Masarap yung deer's meat, venison yata ang tawag duon. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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