Attention golf enthusiast......

I have never played golf and so my husband. But one time my husbands son and his wife invited us to come with them. I was hesitant at first seems I don't enjoy that kind of game and for me it is just for the rich kind duh people! LOL!! But anyway so off we go and when we get there people are nice they like and the service of that country club was good. I didn't play though but I ride with the little cabby around the golf course.
When lunch came we came back to the country club and we were seated with bunch of my SIL friends and they mention about Golf Myrtle Beach. One couple says " oh yes we've there and it was awesome"!! And all the people seating around the table were eager to listen to their stories. Luckily, the wife had a something in her purse many pictures  from their last Myrtle Beach Golf vacation. I heard the ohhss and ahhss and I couldn't wait myself to see the pictures my curiosity stirs up like crazy.
Somebody asked if they have packages for family down there? And the couple says they do have, just go to the website and check their Myrtle Beach Golf Packages and you could find several choices of packages depending on your liking. And aside from being in  the Myrtle Beach Golf it is not all golfing but they have attractions, good dining, good nightlife, and car rentals is available 24/7.  Yup everybody in our table who is 99% golf enthusiast were so eager to come to check the best and very famous Golf Myrtle Beach.


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