Myrtle Beach Hotels

Does anybody heard about Myrtle Beach? Myrtle beach is located in South Carolina and is located along the shore line of the East coast.  My step-daughter and her family always go down there every February when everything here in Michigan is blanketed  with snow. They like to stay in Myrtle Beach Hotel because according to her the accomodations is very good. The amenities is superb the kids love it so much. My step-daughter's husband love to golf and they have golf course and so shopping centers. The huge thing that they are also happy because they have an ocean front view.
Last August my step-son got married and one of their destination for their honeymoon is Myrtle Beach   they were checking Oceanfront Myrtle Beach hotel and stayed their for a week!! My step-son told me that the place is really awesome and you have so many choices like if you want an ocean front room or condominiums, they do really find out for you that is how they accomodate to all their guests.
That is why hubby and I are planning to visit Myrtle Beach this coming February our curiosity stirs more often specially when my step son and step daughter talk about Myrtle beach. Now we are browsing Oceanfront Myrtle Beach hotels and so excited to have a vacation specially when all the people that we knew really do like the place. Myrtle beach hotels here we come!!


Basil said…
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Stanley said…

You have a nice blog post on Myrtle beach hotels.

Many hotels offer pet accommodations, smoking and non-smoking rooms, meeting halls and valet facilities. Charleston west virginia downtown has many hotels that good service at affordable rates.

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