Not feeling secure anymore?

Do you feel secure now a days even if you are inside the comfort of your home? Every time I read a newspaper every morning I noticed that many homes are burglarized. But I didn't make it like it is already a red flag for us to get a a home security system because I thought that it only happens more than 10 miles from us.
Until recently, after we experienced a downfall of economy many people are laid off. People had a hard time finding jobs when I noticed that crimes is getting closer and closer to home!! And that makes me scared specially that my hubby is not around all the time. Several of our neighboring house are burglarized specially those houses whose owners are at work the whole day and the kids are at school, I thought living in the country side is safe. Usually we don't close doors, never locked our cars, garage is open but now you can't do it. Robbers are so bold that they do really get inside the house and ransacked all what you've got and what scares me sometimes they do harm to people.
So hubby and I talked about getting one because I don't feel safe anymore we need a security system. We found out that ADT is the best home security system here in America. I also found out that many of my friends already had ADT  home security system in their homes. I was the one left alone geez, I can't let myself be left behind in getting ADT because it is not just our home are protected as well as our dear life!!!


Glampinoy said…
Yes, its really very scary to read crimes committed in the neighborhood. Aside from installing security gadgets, let's pray for protection.

Best wishes,

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