I was talking to my friend online this morning whose family is now residing in Australia. Along our chat we talked about our internet providers and I told her that my provider is fast and reliable. She told me that hers is a broadband satellite internet. I was also very surprise because it is VERY affordable, dependable because it has a 24/7 help desk, if she has a problem she could just call them and they are there. Is good in there service 24 hours and locally owned. She told me nobody could bet that LOL! And I agree to that just by the price itself wow indeed very affordable.
And she added  that it is subsidize with the australian broadband guarantee subsidy again I told her WOW!! What a deal huh? If you are eligible then you can avail it. The australian want to provide all Australian household and small business to access the internet. And it is not hard to know if you can avail the subsidy you just go to the webpage for two steps and voila you know if you have a broadband satellite internet.


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