Loving Timex...

Do you know of someone who love Timex watch? Well, I happened to know two people who love Timex it's my husband and my niece. One time while hubby was still visiting me few years ago, he accidentally loss his watch. I suggested that we gonna buy a new one, we were in the store and I was looking at those fancy nice gold and silver tone watches and picked some of the good looking ones. Well, he didn't like it he told me it has to be the same one that he just loosed. I asked him what was the brand and he says it is Timex!!
Thankfully we found the same watched and the same color that he likes. Last year I gave him another watch and again it is Timex his favorite watch. And this year my niece ask me if she could have Timex (again) since her watch that I gave her 3 years ago is some kind of old already. Hmmm, you know how teenagers are they like to have new gadgets all the time. So I look at it on the internet and found the website of Zappos where they have different kinds of Timex watch. I was also excited since their delivery is free and they had new arrival of Timex watches I told my niece about it and she too was excited to get hold her new Timex watch this Christmas.


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