My entry for this week Mellow Yellow Monday is here...Kayak!! They are my nieces and nephew kayaking in the middle of the sea. Yup you heard it right the resort is in the middle of the sea, they knew how to swim that is why they had all the fun kayaking around the resort, while I was busy trying to get picture of them and glancing all the time if there is a shark somewhere lol. But the real reason that I don't go with the kayaking moment is because I don't know how to swim ^_^ I get panicked so easily when I'm in the water so I shun from swimming, kayaking or any activity that water is involve hehe. In this picture I am the photographer lol!

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Marice said…
wow how nice! wish i could do that too one of these days!

u may view mine here
bobbie said…
Very, very nice! Looks like fun!
Never been in a Kayak. My sons went on kayak trip this fall.

Coffee is on.
Chie Wilks said…
wow...great MYM photos...I wish to try this sea game or sports ba ito someday..

mine is here
Ladynred said…
Nice shots. I don't know how to kayak but I can swim a little bit.
Jane said…
Looks like they're having fun and at least its calm waters. Thanks for sharing, I like the technology post too:)
life's journey said…
Kayak is fun...Happy MYM! Am playing too.
Carolyn Ford said…
Kayaks are so fun! I have paddled my way on rivers on Kauai, Hawaii. However, sharing one with your spouse can be challenging. We will get our own next time! :O Great shots for yellow!
Tammy said…
That looks like fun, but I don't know if I would do it either. ;o)
The water is so clear and gorgeous!
oh I like it. I guess they enjoy here.
Dimple said…
Nice photos. I have been canoeing, but not kayaking. Learning to swim is worthwhile and not too hard if you find a place that gives lessons.
scribbler said…
Wow, they look so much fun. I wish I could do that do some time in the future.
Check out my strange sunflowers
toby said…
Wow - that looks like a lot of fun!
Cher said…
kayaking sure looks fun! ;)

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