Skywatch Friday: Didn't snow

It's Sky watch Friday again and I am so excited to feature my photo that I took  yesterday Thanksgiving day. First off, how's your Thanksgiving day celebration and dinner yesterday? Do you have a good turkey and all the side dish like bean casserole, creamed peas etc, and what about the dessert the pumpkin pie, apple caramel pie and some other pies? I think everybody has a good dinner yesterday while watching the football well our Lions is as usual loss it again...what the heck lol!!
Anyhow, yesterday's Thanksgiving day is my 6th since I arrived here last 2004. But yesterday was the BEST it didn't snow yepeyyyy!! Though it was chilly outside but at least it didn't snow!! When the sun came out while I was busy in the kitchen I grab my camera and took picture of it. Because for me it is a rare moment to have sun on Thanksgiving day. Here is my photos.


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Quilt Works said…
Glorious morning! Conratulations on your anniversary! Time flies ;-)

I clicked on your google ads (writint articles sounded interesting), hope when you visit my sight you can visit one of my sponsors too!
We can help each other by being a "click tag" team

... Birds and Rainbow
eden said…
Great capture. It seems it was a nice day indeed. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. My mouth drools with the mention of those yummy foods...hehehe
luna miranda said…
looks cold! i'm a tropical fish--scared of the cold weather.:p
SandyCarlson said…
Gorgeous photos. What a great time of year.
eileeninmd said…
Pretty skies and photo. Happy skywatching.

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