Local is the best!

Do you still have those yellow huge book  that comes at your house from time to time?  I see you nodding your head ^_^, yes it's the one that when we look up a friends house phone number you have to look hundreds of pages, and if you forgot or misplaced your doctors appointment card you have to dig in every pages just to looked for the  office phone number, but oh well things have change people there is local yellowpages now!
Like this week, people are going home for Thanksgiving day, well sometimes flights are not on time some people are stuck in a place that they are not familiar with. This is the time where you have to do local searches through local yellowpages, this site even provide traffic feedback to a place where you like to go or where you are at the time, it has a weather update right at there website, they have list of restaurants and hotels and even reviews from people who had experienced with these businesses.
The other day I was  craving for baklava, a certain dessert that is so good. Anyhow, I just do local searches with local yellowpages and voila I found a local restaurant who made this so good baklava dessert. In anything you want and need go to local yellowpages and you are not going to missed anything anymore.


yes that's true, locals are great. it's the best talaga.
Thanks for the visit...

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