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Dream cookware

I know some women love to have beautiful china dishes (me too) and also beautiful cookware. I also loved to watched  food shows and one of those that I like to see is what cookware they are using. And I am so amazed by how beautiful cookwares now. So many to choose from but what exactly do each one of us do prefer? Hubby and I were at San Antonio, Texas few years ago and in my DH brothers kitchen my eyes popped out because they have  beautiful copper cookware!! To tell you guys they look so beautiful and even if I only cooked the bacon I feel like a million dollar cook because of the ruffoni copper cookware.  Anyhow, because I do like to talk and appreciate their dishes and cookwares, I told my SIL how beautiful are her ruffoni cookware and she told me that at first when they are still building the house her and her 2 daughters are already  looking for cookwares and somebody told them to look at ruffoni and with out further ado, she bought what she saw. I told her the cookware matched …

Thank God!

Well this week according to the weather channel we are going to experience warm weather this week and in the the weekend. This coming Friday it says that we are going to reach 80F!! Holy macaroni that is what the Michiganders are looking for. What I do hope is for us here in MI to not to get a lot of frost. Yesterday, we had frost and it was not that too cold either but I like to plant my flowers and some vegetables. But hubby said that we are going to have frost yet. Frost please go away!! Happy Holy Wednesday!

ABC Wednesday~ K

A keyhole!
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It pays to save

Yay, starting today we are going to have a good weather here in MI in fact the weather forecast says that this coming Friday we are going to experience 80F temperature!! Wow!! That is an amazing weather forecast so far huh. I remember last year it was snowing so much at this time but not it is different. So I told hubby today that I am going to do some laundry this weekend and I have to put all my clothes on the clothesline.  And since our clothesline was broke last  year, I needed a new one. Hubby told me why not used the dryer instead of putting so much effort, I told him I want to save money for our electric bills this spring and summer. You see the washer and dyer are one of those common  home appliances that almost all household had at least one. And that is one of those that are used all the time.  I am what my hubby called me the saving diva because anything that I thought of saving I do save it. Specially when it takes money. I thought that if we save a dollar each day that is …

Need help..

After Spring break soon enough it will be vacation time and after vacation time opening of classes will soon starts. With our economic situation now it looks like people are so dire in need of money to help for their kids education specially those who will enter college.  My friend whom I knew for 6 years now she told me that her daughter will soon to go to college this opening of classes. She was kind of excited for her but she also told me that she is also kind of a little bit worried since it would be the first time for them to let them daughter stay away from them. Now they are thinking of giving her a car and that they are going to get a car loan for her. Which when her daughter knew about it she was so excited but her parents set a rules for having it lol!! And so that is why they are looking for a good mortgage company who is going to help their financial needs. And so far after searching in the internet they found good one. For now I am so excited for my friends daughter and th…

Love to shop?

Well it is only the end of March and Spring time doesn't kick off yet but the other day when I was shopping for a gift spring clothing and shoes are everywhere already. This week here in MI is going to have a very good weather, that at the end of the week we gonna reach to 70F temperature. Leaving here in MI with that temperature that is heavenly. The other  day as I was shopping for seeds and bulbs to plant in my garden I was thinking of, is there other way to shop? Why, because people are lined up and sometimes it takes forever to pay for just two or three bags of bulbs ^_^.  Then today I talked to a friend and she invited me to go malling this Saturday. But I told her that it is Holy Saturday you see in the Christian world  this week is Holy Week. So I told her why not go online and do shopping there at the same time avail  Get Paid To Shop. She asked me what is that? I told her that is the thing now in the internet, you don't need to get out from you house and spend gas and…

MYM~ Yellow Tulips


Written in Early Spring
I heard a thousand blended notes  While in a grove I sate reclined,  In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts  Bring sad thoughts to the mind. 
To her fair works did Nature link The human soul that through me ran;  And much it grieved my heart to think  What Man has made of Man.

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Shadow Shot Sunday#97

ALBERT EINSTEIN: Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.
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I woke up today with the sun is shining beautifully and the temperature is above 40'sF. So it is kind of chilly I  did planned yesterday to clean up inside my car but because it is cold I figure it out better do it next time. Later this afternoon I went to my step-daughters house since she is hosting the bridal shower party of my step-son fiancee.  Driving going there I passed at least 3 houses that are foreclose and on sale. I was thinking how many houses are foreclose all over the country and where are the people go to or where they live now?  I remember the owner of the duck that was given to us last year when her husband was laid off and he couldn't find a job here in Michigan they choose to live the state and went down to North Carolina where his parents and some siblings reside. The wife emailed me after they are settled there that at first they look for apartment somewhere Durham, NC Apartments, High Point, NC Apartments and Charlotte, NC Apartments and they found it rea…

Power to attract

I have questions to you you have lots of girl friends, girl cousins, girl neighbors or boy cousins/ boy neighbors  do prevail in your family and neighborhood. In the Philippines most of my older and same age of mine are mostly boys. In fact growing up I played with boys than girls lol! While in high school and college it balances in a way and when I was working my best friend is a guy. Well it's a choice you see a guy can keep a secret while ladies tend to gossip a lot! LOL! When I came here in the US, my DH has four sons and several grandsons and little great grand-son. What is good and funny is that they are very open to their Dad, and what happened to them when they are in a bar or somewhere else. The last time we had our family get together we were laughing about one of my DH grandson story. He told us about how to pick up women my DH brows raised as well as his parents hahaha. You know how kids are actually not a kid anymore because he is in his early 20's and w…

To host

Do you wonder how technology has come up so many things these days? I really wonder how 10 or 20 years ago our lives has been compare at present time. I remember when I first knew about emailing that was in 2001. I was fresh from a month long seminar and it so happened that some of my fellow catechist are young and when it was time for us to bid our goodbyes they asked me what is my email. My first response what is that? LOL! Anyhow, they ended up making me an email address and they told me to checked it from time to time. So one time out of curiosity I wen to an internet cafe. That time in our town there were only 2 or 3 internet cafe at that time and oh my the connection are too slow it is like you are doing snail mail ^_^.  They do really need a dedicated servers. I remember too well the customers always keep asking why this is so slow and always the answer is the server is slow!! So after I knew how to email back to my friends, the second thing that amazes me is to send a picture …

Flower box

DH and I went out yesterday for a little shopping. Since the day was really nice the sun is out and it was not chilly, I even wore my flip-flops and my capri pants, over all the day was comfortable to roamed around. So we made different stops from different kind of stores. You see Spring is officially here and I am aching to go outside and plant some flowers, clean the yard and do some weeding. But hubby told me that I can't plant outside yet because the plant might die because of frost. Oh gush, I already saw my friends patio who just bought  window boxes and she already put beautiful flowers inside! Hubby told me they lived in California sweetie and you are in Michigan that is too way different zone!  So what I did yesterday I bought two bags of  two potted soil and window flower boxes. Since I can't put it outside yet I put it inside in our house where the temperature is above freezing. I am so determined to plant it ahead of time that is why hubby just let me do what I want…

SkyWatchFriday: Blue sky

                      “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”Buddha quotes

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Litratong Pinoy- Plastic/Plastik

My first time to join Litratong Pinoy thanks Willa of PixelMinded  for inviting me I do appreciate it. Here is my entry for this week theme ~ Plastic.
 My step-daughter gave this to me two weeks ago. At first I just didn't do anything about this new found friend of mine. But then I realize oo nga naman ano bakit hinde e-try. So I did! Gush at ako ay mahilohilo eh hangang 20 times nga lang yang skip ko lol! Pero na isip ko talaga I need to lose those calories and fatty things stored somewhere! At ang ginawa ko pa may I google ako kung ano ba ang ma-getz ko if ever maging career ko na ang skipping rope, aba malaki ang magawa nang aking ms universal body ^_^. Kaya ito kahit hingal hala todo skipping rope. And take note...hubby told me I knew you are doing your skipping rope again sweetie because the house shake!! Ano daw??? Si hubby ginawa pa akong Ms Earthquake 2010!! Hahahaha!
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J is for Joy

If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth. by: Mitsugi Saotome

                                  It's worth playing with Gaden he is enjoying every moment of it.
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Avista resort

After the Winter season do you have any idea where to go for a vacation along the beach? Where in you can relax, play golf and enjoy the scenery specially for sunrise along the beach? Hubby and I are already eyeing to visit Myrtle Beach Resort were we heard a lot of positive comments from our relatives. You see last year my DH son and his new wife had their honeymoon there and when they get back they said it was awesome! Every morning they enjoyed their walked along the beach while waiting for the sunrise. And after their walked their is a lot of restaurants and the hotel itself that they've stayed had a tremendous choices of breakfast food to choose from. And since my DH son is an avid golf fan he had a chance to play golf while here in MI we area already experiencing Fall at that time. They told us that there are a lot of choices in Myrtle Beach Resorts on what to do, what activities you prefer may it be night or day time, where to shop and or just pamper yourself is just a grab…

Dream house

There is this house about  3 or 4 miles from our house that I like it so much. Since their road is a gravel road we don't pass that way but if we have a chance to go by I asked hubby to slow down because I so love it, I could tell it is my dream house. The house location is a bit on a little hill and it is facing the lake though in between is a gravel road but the house looks so pretty outside. I asked hubby if the inside is really beautiful as the outside, and hubby told me that if the house designs is really nice that house might cost close to a half a million! Hmmmm is my hubby kidding me or what? Because how in the world we can afford to that kind of price? LOL! So I just scratched my head and just drool  and dreamt about it.

Credit cards

It is really funny the time I first came here in the US. Because it was my first time I am so scared to buy some stuff if I used my credit card. I always asked hubby that I am going to used cash instead of credit card because I don't like answering questions from the cashier lol! Well, knowing that I came from the Philippines and credit cards there are not for everybody it is so foreign to be using those plastic. But as time goes by I was kind of used to using it but I found out that if you can't pay in due time the credit card company will immediately jacked up their rate and it was like too much!! I discovered a lot of disadvantages of credit cards and for me there are many not so good in it than good. Now we tried to get rid of our credit cards and instead use our debit card or just cash in that way I don't have to worry about high interest rate!! ^_^

Saw Blades..

Today is quite cold but not like last Saturday where it is really really cold I thought it is going to snow in our area but thankfully ti did not. Since it is spring time it is time to clean up and put way all those winter clothes, coat and jackets. My DH and my BIL last year put up a wood shed and  it was huge and this morning I asked hubby if when it warm up if we are going to cut woods.  I so like to go to the wood if it is not too hot or too cold since there will be no mosquitoes around buzzing your ear or biting you like crazy. But when I asked my DH this morning about when to go to the wood he seems not too excited. Well for one he fell down from the ladder a month ago and his arm is still aching and bothering him. And two he need a new saw blade circular for his chain saws. I knew how it is if the blades are not that sharp he doesn't like the way it works. It doesn't work that well and DH gets cranky if it well happen. Anyhow, that will be one thing that I we are going …

Real estate bailout

Yesterday, me and my step-daughter are hosting a spa party and the turned out is great. The product was really good and the food is great too, well I cooked at least three dishes ^_^. After the demonstration it was time for ordering the goodies and chit-chatting and around the table was my SIL and she told us that her grandson is buying a new house. He is a first time buyer and he can get a real estate bailout ! My SIL told us that he and his fiancee is so excited about it he can't wait to do house hunting. I knew his grandson so well and I do like him because he is a level headed kind of person. He is not a showy guy and he works a lot he is worth to get a good nice house.   Then our product demonstrator also shared her story about real estate bailout how awesome it is for all first home buyer.  Can you imagine how much you save if you can avail these bailout? I so love to have a new house but I don't know if hubby and I will be considered as a first home buyer. I think I have…

Nut cracker or toy soldier?

A giant nutcracker or a toy soldier?  ^_^

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Gold is regal

How much do you like gold? If you are going to choose between gold and silver jewelries which one do you prefer? Personally for me I will definitely choose gold as it is my favorite. I like silver too but sometimes it doesn't look good on me. I remember few years ago when I was working in the Philippines our manager is a Chinese woman and she used to sell Chinese gold jewelries. Every time I saw the new arrival of gold jewelries I just drool lol. That time I can't afford to buy my salary it's is enough for me and for my family.  When I came here in US 6 years ago I later knew that you can buy gold coins how cool is that!! I asked so many things about buying gold most specially a gold coins. He told me that st gaudens gold coin is what he prefers the most. I look at it in the internet it was really pretty and nice though all golds for me is really gorgeous to my eyes ^_^.  My DH, I guess with all my questions, told me later on that he invested IRA gold and that he is eyeing …

Bird or chicken?

I thought this is kind of cute, so I took a picture and here it is. Is it a bird or a chicken? I really don't know! ^_^
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Shadow Shot Sunday #96

Went to visit my DH nephew's house and I found this shadow nice!
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Cleaning up

Yay!! Tomorrow will be officially the beginning of Spring!! This week we had a very beautiful days, the sun is out and the air is not too cold I already did cleaned up our front porch.  Two days in a row I already see some tulips and irises sprouting from the ground. I can't wait to see there beautiful flowers I planted them few years ago and they are multiplying like crazy! Anyhow, hubby and I are talking at breakfast about cleaning up the old barn. You see are old barn is open at front the inside are not well arrange it is just messy. Hubby had so many tools all around, he has even some tools on some of my cabinet in the pantry that sometimes I like to throw because it pissed me off. And then if it is about time for him to use a certain tools and he couldn't find it he will go to the hardware and buy another one, gush that is not  the way to do it. That is why today, I told him that we are going to buy a storage locker as in at least 4 of  them. Right, four of them! In order …