It pays to save

Yay, starting today we are going to have a good weather here in MI in fact the weather forecast says that this coming Friday we are going to experience 80F temperature!! Wow!! That is an amazing weather forecast so far huh. I remember last year it was snowing so much at this time but not it is different. So I told hubby today that I am going to do some laundry this weekend and I have to put all my clothes on the clothesline.  And since our clothesline was broke last  year, I needed a new one. Hubby told me why not used the dryer instead of putting so much effort, I told him I want to save money for our electric bills this spring and summer. You see the washer and dyer are one of those common  home appliances that almost all household had at least one. And that is one of those that are used all the time. 
I am what my hubby called me the saving diva because anything that I thought of saving I do save it. Specially when it takes money. I thought that if we save a dollar each day that is good enough. Energy saving should be educated by all household in America. I have observed some of my relatives houses geez I cringed of what they are doing. For example, nobody was watching tv in one of the room but it was on. While in the living room another tv was one an nobody was really watching it too. It is just like they are already used to turning the tv on and just run like that. If only they knew how much they pay for electric bills if they only knew how to save energy. After we bought our clothesline I told hubby to buy a home energy bulbs. Thankfully hubby listened to me and so in one day I got what I wish for. Tomorrow, I am going to start my spring cleaning hope it will never snow again so we can enjoy Spring and Summer with gusto!


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