Need help..

After Spring break soon enough it will be vacation time and after vacation time opening of classes will soon starts. With our economic situation now it looks like people are so dire in need of money to help for their kids education specially those who will enter college. 
My friend whom I knew for 6 years now she told me that her daughter will soon to go to college this opening of classes. She was kind of excited for her but she also told me that she is also kind of a little bit worried since it would be the first time for them to let them daughter stay away from them. Now they are thinking of giving her a car and that they are going to get a car loan for her. Which when her daughter knew about it she was so excited but her parents set a rules for having it lol!! And so that is why they are looking for a good mortgage company who is going to help their financial needs. And so far after searching in the internet they found good one. For now I am so excited for my friends daughter and that I am so happy also that they brought their daughter with values and good moral. And I guess she will do good in college since she is has a good GPA grades in school right now. I am just hoping that my friend will act on it right now, what ever their plan is doing for I think this is the right time to do it. Kudos to her!


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