Gold is regal

How much do you like gold? If you are going to choose between gold and silver jewelries which one do you prefer? Personally for me I will definitely choose gold as it is my favorite. I like silver too but sometimes it doesn't look good on me. I remember few years ago when I was working in the Philippines our manager is a Chinese woman and she used to sell Chinese gold jewelries. Every time I saw the new arrival of gold jewelries I just drool lol. That time I can't afford to buy my salary it's is enough for me and for my family. 
When I came here in US 6 years ago I later knew that you can buy gold coins how cool is that!! I asked so many things about buying gold most specially a gold coins. He told me that st gaudens gold coin is what he prefers the most. I look at it in the internet it was really pretty and nice though all golds for me is really gorgeous to my eyes ^_^.  My DH, I guess with all my questions, told me later on that he invested IRA gold and that he is eyeing to get more of it since gold never decline in price. He didn't put all his investment money in one basket, that is why he got some gold coins too. Well he found out now that what he did before helps a lot, since as we all knew that in all of the commodities now, gold is one always on top of all the commodities.


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