Saw Blades..

Today is quite cold but not like last Saturday where it is really really cold I thought it is going to snow in our area but thankfully ti did not. Since it is spring time it is time to clean up and put way all those winter clothes, coat and jackets. My DH and my BIL last year put up a wood shed and  it was huge and this morning I asked hubby if when it warm up if we are going to cut woods.  I so like to go to the wood if it is not too hot or too cold since there will be no mosquitoes around buzzing your ear or biting you like crazy. But when I asked my DH this morning about when to go to the wood he seems not too excited. Well for one he fell down from the ladder a month ago and his arm is still aching and bothering him. And two he need a new saw blade circular for his chain saws. I knew how it is if the blades are not that sharp he doesn't like the way it works. It doesn't work that well and DH gets cranky if it well happen. Anyhow, that will be one thing that I we are going to do to buy a new blade to get woods for the coming winter ^_^


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