Credit cards

It is really funny the time I first came here in the US. Because it was my first time I am so scared to buy some stuff if I used my credit card. I always asked hubby that I am going to used cash instead of credit card because I don't like answering questions from the cashier lol! Well, knowing that I came from the Philippines and credit cards there are not for everybody it is so foreign to be using those plastic. But as time goes by I was kind of used to using it but I found out that if you can't pay in due time the credit card company will immediately jacked up their rate and it was like too much!! I discovered a lot of disadvantages of credit cards and for me there are many not so good in it than good. Now we tried to get rid of our credit cards and instead use our debit card or just cash in that way I don't have to worry about high interest rate!! ^_^


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