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After the Winter season do you have any idea where to go for a vacation along the beach? Where in you can relax, play golf and enjoy the scenery specially for sunrise along the beach? Hubby and I are already eyeing to visit Myrtle Beach Resort were we heard a lot of positive comments from our relatives.
You see last year my DH son and his new wife had their honeymoon there and when they get back they said it was awesome! Every morning they enjoyed their walked along the beach while waiting for the sunrise. And after their walked their is a lot of restaurants and the hotel itself that they've stayed had a tremendous choices of breakfast food to choose from. And since my DH son is an avid golf fan he had a chance to play golf while here in MI we area already experiencing Fall at that time. They told us that there are a lot of choices in Myrtle Beach Resorts on what to do, what activities you prefer may it be night or day time, where to shop and or just pamper yourself is just a grab away.
Then my DH daughter and her family went to South Carolina this Winter and while they are their they opted to visit Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort. What happened then, that makes it funny because they ended up checking in and enjoying the weekend there. When they get back here in MI they told us about it and the newlyweds and my step-daughters family really do agreed that, Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts is the beach way to enjoy and relax amidst the hassle and bustle of our daily life.


Anonymous said…
that sounds lovely :-)

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