Flower box

DH and I went out yesterday for a little shopping. Since the day was really nice the sun is out and it was not chilly, I even wore my flip-flops and my capri pants, over all the day was comfortable to roamed around. So we made different stops from different kind of stores. You see Spring is officially here and I am aching to go outside and plant some flowers, clean the yard and do some weeding. But hubby told me that I can't plant outside yet because the plant might die because of frost. Oh gush, I already saw my friends patio who just bought  window boxes and she already put beautiful flowers inside! Hubby told me they lived in California sweetie and you are in Michigan that is too way different zone! 
So what I did yesterday I bought two bags of  two potted soil and window flower boxes. Since I can't put it outside yet I put it inside in our house where the temperature is above freezing. I am so determined to plant it ahead of time that is why hubby just let me do what I wanted to do. I am so thankful that he is very supported of my craziness lol! For few years I am planning to put two window box planters outside specially if I saw some houses and commercial establishment looks very pretty. Now, I am waiting for the frost to be here and then I am ready to put up my windowboxes, wohooo!


Grace Olsson said…
hI kiM,
I have the same problem, here, in Sweden.
Wait few days and everythign can be ok.
Thanks for your visit.
I am reading your posts, cause after the stroke, I lost moreless 75% of my memory...and I am studying, again, english, and another languages...but I will get it...

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