I woke up today with the sun is shining beautifully and the temperature is above 40'sF. So it is kind of chilly I  did planned yesterday to clean up inside my car but because it is cold I figure it out better do it next time. Later this afternoon I went to my step-daughters house since she is hosting the bridal shower party of my step-son fiancee.  Driving going there I passed at least 3 houses that are foreclose and on sale. I was thinking how many houses are foreclose all over the country and where are the people go to or where they live now? 
I remember the owner of the duck that was given to us last year when her husband was laid off and he couldn't find a job here in Michigan they choose to live the state and went down to North Carolina where his parents and some siblings reside. The wife emailed me after they are settled there that at first they look for apartment somewhere Durham, NC Apartments, High Point, NC Apartments and Charlotte, NC Apartments and they found it really gorgeous place. But they are looking somewhere that is close to his husbands workplace and so they ended up in Charlotte, NC Apartments. Until now they are still there, she told me that they like it and for now they don't want to find a house yet they are still missed there house here in Michigan but they can't do anything there is no job here. She is still sorry that they lose their house and kind of feeling bitter about it. But at the end she told me that she was also very happy that they moved out and find a good NC apartments because they feel also that it is home. 


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