Cleaning up

Yay!! Tomorrow will be officially the beginning of Spring!! This week we had a very beautiful days, the sun is out and the air is not too cold I already did cleaned up our front porch.  Two days in a row I already see some tulips and irises sprouting from the ground. I can't wait to see there beautiful flowers I planted them few years ago and they are multiplying like crazy!
Anyhow, hubby and I are talking at breakfast about cleaning up the old barn. You see are old barn is open at front the inside are not well arrange it is just messy. Hubby had so many tools all around, he has even some tools on some of my cabinet in the pantry that sometimes I like to throw because it pissed me off. And then if it is about time for him to use a certain tools and he couldn't find it he will go to the hardware and buy another one, gush that is not  the way to do it. That is why today, I told him that we are going to buy a storage locker as in at least 4 of  them. Right, four of them! In order for all his tools and gadgets to be in one place and it would be easy for him to find it. And besides I also like to organize his old barn to make it presentable and clean. I don't care if it is a metal locker, wood locker or plastic locker as long as it is a locker! He knew I am serious about cleaning up this spring and thankfully he always agrees with me ^_^. 


Shey said…
I'm excited for spring too! Jumping with joy along with you. :)
Hi! just dropping by. :) have a great weekend...♥
Ha, men stuff isn't junk we have useless items.
The sub shine all day.

Coffee is on
Manang Kim said…
@shey, yep tomorrow will be the official spring!!
Manang Kim said…
@public secrets, thanks for dropping by I do appreciate it.

@ dora, you are right. many of men's stuff are not junk at all they are mostly expensive. they shop only once but geez cost a lot hehe! ^_^
very nice post manang kim.
co wendy said…
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