Love to shop?

Well it is only the end of March and Spring time doesn't kick off yet but the other day when I was shopping for a gift spring clothing and shoes are everywhere already. This week here in MI is going to have a very good weather, that at the end of the week we gonna reach to 70F temperature. Leaving here in MI with that temperature that is heavenly. The other  day as I was shopping for seeds and bulbs to plant in my garden I was thinking of, is there other way to shop? Why, because people are lined up and sometimes it takes forever to pay for just two or three bags of bulbs ^_^. 
Then today I talked to a friend and she invited me to go malling this Saturday. But I told her that it is Holy Saturday you see in the Christian world  this week is Holy Week. So I told her why not go online and do shopping there at the same time avail  Get Paid To Shop. She asked me what is that? I told her that is the thing now in the internet, you don't need to get out from you house and spend gas and shove people around, just shop online. She never shop online much more be Get Paid To Shop, that's why when I told her about it she was so excited she told me to visit her at her house and show her how to do it. Well tomorrow I am going to visit her and I bet she will have a good time. ^_^


Kangaroo said…
Hi KIM. It's been a long time since I have paid your site a visit. Hope all is well with you and the family.

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